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Anycubic UltraBase 220x220mm

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The Anycubic UltraBase offers a 220x220mm build volume that enhances print quality and convenience, and even includes a spare aluminium heatbed.

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In 3D Printing, first layer adhesion has always been an important aspect that has been difficult to get just right. This is because, in addition to nozzle height, bed temperature and a few other factors, the bed must be capable of effectively gripping the first layer with enough force to hold it there while the rest of the print gets laid. Fortunately, this can be made much easier with quality Printing Surfaces like this 220x220mm Anycubic Ultra Base, which is a pane of tempered borosilicate glass that has been specially treated to mechanically grip the first layer, as well as automatically release prints once they are cooled off.

The Anycubic Ultra Base works by utilising extremely small air pockets in the top layer of the glass pane, which all slightly expand when they get hot to in order draw in microscopic amounts of filament that the following layers can effectively stick to. Then, once the bed cools down, these tiny air pockets shrink to push the contents of the pockets out – resulting in an effect that automatically forces the finished prints off of the bed. In fact, within our offices and workshops, we always enjoy waiting for the prints to suddenly “pop” off the bed as it cools down, as it’s quite a novel experience compared to the numerous years we’ve spent scraping and manually forcing prints from conventional print surfaces like masking tape and ABS juice.

Although this bed is slightly larger than the standard Anycubic i3 heatbed, it is built to fit the printer perfectly, and can simply be stuck directly onto the top of the existing bed with some relatively strong adhesive tape. However, this unit also conveniently includes an entire 12V/24V aluminium bed as well, but you can also just stick this bed onto whatever bed you already have if that’s more convenient for you. Just be sure to remember, if you are using a bed levelling sensor that detects metal, you will need to accommodate the extra 4mm thickness of the glass.


Anycubic UltraBase 220x220mm  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Build Volume

– 220 x 220mm

  • Material Composition (UltraBase)

– Specially Coated Borosilicate Glass

  • Material Composition (Heatbed)

– Aluminium

  • Flatness Tolerance

– ≤0.2mm

  • Thickness (UltraBase)

– 4mm

  • Thickness (Heatbed)

– 1mm

  • Mounting Hole Distance

– 209 x 209mm (Compatible with 210x210mm Bed)

  • Maximum Temperature

– 400°C


Typical Applications for the 220x220mm Anycubic Ultra Base:

The Anycubic Ultra Base has a relatively common size of 220x220mm, which allows it to be used on quite a wide range of different 3D Printers. It is, however, designed specifically for the Anycubic i3, so be sure to do your research if you plan on using this bed for a different printer. Fortunately, despite being designed specifically for their own printers, Anycubic has built this bed in a universal manner, which means that it can also be used with a wide range of other 3D printers with similar build volumes.

If you‘re looking for a reliable build platform that improves print quality while adding convenience to the printing process, this 220x220mm Anycubic Ultra Base is a valuable yet relatively inexpensive solution.



Still early but...

I had this bed installed for a week now. The glass lifted in a corner, and I still need to apply some glue stick every now and then (For 60% of the PLA prints it seems to stick fine, then every now and then I have to apply a bit of glue to get the first layer to stick...)

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Anycubic UltraBase 220x220mm

Anycubic UltraBase 220x220mm

Anycubic are a brand dedicated to manufacturing, researching, developing and refining 3D printing technologies and consumables, and have been slowly garnering a strong community of users, ambassadors and evangelists over the years. They continuously bring out new models with various improvements that aim to enhance printing quality, speed, and convenience - with the end user as their top priority through each design. They are best-known for their Anycubic i3 Mega, Kossel Delta and Anycubic Photon printers, as well as the UltraBase, which is a modern design that utilises air pressure at different temperatures for effective print adhesion and removal.

What makes Anycubic unique as a 3D printer manufacturer, compared to many other brands in the world, is that despite their rapid R&D and design phases, they always ensure that the finished result is already excellent quality, with very few post-release iterations to products. This is a real benefit in such a fringe industry, since there are many brands that tend to release products that aren’t yet up to the quality standard we enjoy, resulting in post-purchase modifications and repairs.

These distinct characteristics are why we love to get 3D printers and supplies from Anycubic, as we know we can trust in more than just the quality of each machine, but also the excellent quality standard that each model will continue to live up to – for many years to come.