Silicone Heater 200x200 12v Expand

Silicone Heater 200x200 12v



These 200x200mm Silicone Heaters are rated 150W at 12V DC, and feature an integrated thermistor, as well as strong 3M adhesive backing.

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We use heating in a lot of different areas of life, and very often take it for granted with showering, boiling the kettle, cooking food and many of the other tools and appliances we use on a regular basis. However, if you need heating for a unique or somewhat odd application, there aren’t always tools and appliances that can cater to those needs. This is why we jumped at the opportunity to get Heater Pads like these 200x200mm 12V Silicone Heaters, which offer impressively fast heating capabilities, relatively high flexibility, as well as effective insulation to keep the electricity within the element while radiating the heat out.

These units offer a 150W power rating at a standard 12V DC, and include a built-in 100K NTC 1% Thermistor for easy temperature readings, with 3M adhesive backing for easy integration into a wide range of projects. These features not only offer convenience in the ways that this unit can be used, but also helps with efficiency as the adhesive backing ensures that it will stay applied to whatever surface you’ve stuck it to – possibly for years given the right conditions.


Silicone Heater 200x200 12V  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions

– 200 x 200mm

  • Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Power Rating

– 150W

  • Thermistor

– 100K NTC 1%

  • Adhesive Backing

– 3M 468MP 200MP

  • Lead Wire

– 600mm 16AWG with Silicone Insulation

  • Heating Wire

– Nickel-Chromium or Copper-Nickel

  • Hardness

– 60 (Shore)

  • Max Rated Temperature

– 250°C

  • Tensile Strength

– 8.0MPa/m2


Typical Applications for Silicone Heater 200x200 12V:

While we originally got these heater pads in order to utilise them for 3D Printing, to install them on the underside of aluminium beds, we have found that they offer so much more functionality in other areas as well. Some great examples of these heater pads being used for other applications, which our customers have enjoyed good results for, include:

  • Building chicken coop heaters that can be fitted underneath the chickens’ beds to keep them and their eggs warm on cold nights.
  • Crafting a baked goods warming bowl, to keep ambient temperatures within a container at perfect temperature levels for protein bonding and other baking science goodness.
  • Creating a backpack that keeps you warm while you wear it, or keeps food and other goodies warm while you hike.

These are just some of the ingenious ways that Makers have taken these seemingly standard tools and used them in surprisingly exciting and effective ways. So if you’re planning a project that could benefit from these Heating Units, get one and let us know how your project turns out. We’re always eager to hear about the clever ideas that Makers like you are bringing to life, and we look forward to hearing from you (and seeing some pictures) when your project is finished.


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Silicone Heater 200x200 12v

Silicone Heater 200x200 12v