Standard Heated Print Bed 12/24V - Cover Expand

MK2B Heated Print Bed 12/24V



Standard 12/24V Heated Print Bed for 3D printing – 214 x 214mm MK2B iteration with extra mounting hole, throughole connections and variable voltage.

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This 12/24V Heated Print Bed is a variable voltage Dual Power MK2B iteration, which includes all of the benefits of the MK1, but also offers a few changes targeted at convenience and safety. Some of these are minor changes like the removal of one or two plates for better conductivity, as well as some major improvements over other Heated Beds.

Firstly, this heatbed has an extra mounting hole for better levelling, positioned on one side of the plate. Secondly, it has copper-plated throughole connections and larger solder plates for easier wiring. Thirdly, the red solder mask and silkscreen have been included on both sides, so that regardless of which direction you face up, it maintains a relatively stylish appearance (This of course is very important for the fashion-conscious Maker).

To make this heatbed even more effective, you can also choose to install Heatbed Insulation below the plate, which helps it to heat up faster and maintain heat more efficiently, as well as to install a pane of glass on top of the bed, which helps create a perfectly level, smooth bed for great printing results.


MK2B Heated Print Bed 12/24V  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V / 24V (Variable)         

  • Laminate

– FR4 1.6+-0.15mm

  • Thickness

– 3mm

  • Copper Layers

– 2 x 35μm

  • Throughole Plating

– Copper Plated

  • Dimensions

– 214 x 214mm


Typical Applications for our 12/24V MK2B Heated Print Beds:

The Dual Power 12/24V Heated Print Bed is designed to heat up to specific temperatures for 3D Printing, and ensures cleaner and more manageable prints. However, it can also be used as a rudimentary coffee warmer or similar device with some ingenuity, although we recommend you stick to using it for its designed purpose.

As a final note, we would feel bad if we didn’t warn you about the extreme temperatures that this heatbed can achieve, and that it will maintain high heat even after the LED status light has gone off. So please do be careful and always put your hand close to feel for any residual heat before simply grabbing the plate.


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MK2B Heated Print Bed 12/24V

MK2B Heated Print Bed 12/24V