Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera - V2 Expand

Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 - Modular Camera with Infrared

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The Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 is a modular camera attachment for Raspberry Pi with night-vision capabilities – Compatible with Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3.

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The Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 is an upgrade from previous versions of the Raspberry Pi Camera, and offers a high quality Sony IMX219 8 megapixel image sensor. The NoIR stands for No Infrared, meaning that the infrared filter has been excluded from design. This allows the camera to view and record imagery in very low light, such as after hours of within enclosed, dimly lit spaces. It attaches to all three models of the Raspberry Pi (1, 2 and 3) and supports 1080p30, 760p60 and 640x480p90 video capture, as well as 3280 x 2464 pixel static images.

This module is easy to install and simply needs to be attached via a 15 cm ribbon cable in order to work, making it one of the easiest additions available that anyone can use. The night-vision capabilities also open up many more opportunities for utilizing the module as well, and now these cameras can reliably be utilized for home security or night-time recordings. Some of the more curious users also enjoy utilizing the NoIR camera to record images or videos in normal or intense lighting, which has proven to produce quite creative results as the contrasts between light and dark are accentuated – consequently creating “noir” scenes like those in detective films.

Please Note: This is a Raspberry Pi Original product, designed and manufactured to be perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers.


Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Image Sensor                                                          

– Sony IMX219                                                         

  • Still Image Resolution

– 3280 x 2646 Pixel

  • Supported Video Resolution

– 1080p30 / 720p60 / 640x480p90

  • Connection Type

– 15cm Ribbon Cable to CSI Connector

  • Supported Operating System

– Raspbian

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility  

– Raspberry Pi 4B | 3B+ | 3B | 2B

– Raspberry Pi Boards with CSI Ports

– Raspberry Pi Zero W | Zero | Zero WH (With Specialised Cable)

  • Dimensions

– 25 x 23 x 9mm


Typical Applications for the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2:

Due to the night-vision capabilities of the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2, this particular version is often bought for low-light and night time applications. However, some users also enjoy experimenting with the module in well-lit areas to find more creative ways of capturing the world. As such, the common uses for the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 are as follows:

  • Installing extremely affordable home security systems that you can operate online, from a mobile device or a custom-designed interface next to your bed.
  • Capturing video or imagery of wildlife at night, either for simple entertainment or as a means of tracking what goes on while you’re sleeping.
  • Monitoring the growth and health of plants by viewing them in infrared – often revealing a host of unique insights that we wouldn’t typically be able to see.
  • Capturing the world in creative ways, allowing the “invisible” infrared to colour and contrast the videos or images – often bringing out pinks, blues and greens that were previously unseen.

Whether you’re a tinkerer, experimenter, photographer, or are simply interested in the unique possibilities that Raspberry Pi Accessories like this module offers, the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 is an excellent module at an affordable price. Compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi as well as Raspbian software, this module is not only easy to install and use, but also offers genuine value for its low price.


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Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 - Modular Camera with Infrared

Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 - Modular Camera with Infrared

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