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M5Stick-V K210 AI Machine Learning Camera



The M5Stick-V makes AI development easy, with an onboard OV7740 camera, MPU6886 Accelerometer, IPS LDC display & a built-in 200mAh battery.

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If you love Electronics and coding like we do here at DIYElectronics, then you will have surely taken notice of the leaps in AI and Neural Network technology that have happened over the past couple of years. However, until very recently, these leaps in tech’ advancements have meant very little for us hobbyists with hobbyist budgets, but as of late the advanced (and expensive) tech’ has slowly been becoming more accessible (and less expensive), and we now have awesome gadgets like this M5Stick-V K210 AI Machine Learning Camera that lets us explore this new tech’, but without forking out the big bucks just to get a foot in the door.

The M5Stick-V is a tiny pocket-sized Camera Module that is fully stacked with advanced tech’, and is essentially built to be a camera with onboard AI and machine learning, which can be coded to perform specific functions, interact with other systems, and even behave of its own accord if that’s what you tell it do to. It is primarily used as an easy way to start learning about, exploring and discovering new insights into the world of AI and machine learning, and all of this fantastic functionality fits into a tiny form factor that can be shoved in the pocket, taped to the front of a laptop, or even worn around the neck to act as a “Third Eye” that’s dedicated to specific tasks or functions as you go about your daily life.

These features at the amazingly low price make the M5Stick-V one of the most affordable and exciting ways of getting involved in this new and emerging technology, and may just be the module that ignites your passion for AI, Machine Learning, Coding, or just Making on a much more advanced level.


M5Stick-V K210 AI Machine Learning Camera  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Primary Processing Unit

– Kendryte K210

  • CPU

– RISC-V RV64IMFDC 400MHz Dual-Core 64bit                   

  • Neural Network Processor

– KPU | 230.47Gops | BW | 84GB/s | 0.8Tops

  • FPU

– DP&SP | APU SMIC | 16bit Complex FFT

  • Integrated Camera Module

– OV7740 using OmniPixel®3-HS technology

  • Integrated LCD Display

– 1.14inch 240x135 IPS LCD

  • Integrated LCD Controller

– ST7789 TFT-LCD Driver

  • Integrated Motion Sensor

– MPU6886 : 3-Axis Gyro & 3-Axis Accelerometer

  • Integrated Power Management Chip

– AXP192

  • Integrated Audio Amplifier

– MAX98357 Class D Amp

  • Onboard SRAM

– 8MiB 64bit Width

  • Integrated Battery

– 200mAh LiPo Battery

  • Interfacing Support

– SPI | I2C | UART I2S

  • Development Environment Support

– MicroPython | Arduino IDE | MaixPy IDE

  • Power/Data Port

– USB Type-C

  • External Expansion Port

– PH2.0-4Pin : Ground / VOut / G35 / G34

  • Onboard Controls

– Power (Pin16) | Button A (Pin36) | Button B (Pin37)

  • Onboard Indicators

– RGBW LED (Pins 6, 7, 8, 9)

  • Mounting Point

– M3 Hole on Bottom

  • Weight

– 82g


What Makes the M5Stick-V K210 AI Camera So Damn Awesome?

With the M5Stick-V K210 AI Machine Learning Camera, you have pretty much everything you need to start building awesome projects that are more than just mindless loops of code, and actually engage with the world around them in a much more curious way. And while most standard programs simply act or react according to predefined variables, the M5Stick-V is capable of learning from each instance, so as to get better at its function, find easier or more efficient ways of achieving the same goal, or even teach you more about the code that you wrote! And of course, because the M5Stick-V is compatible with Arduino IDE, MaixPY IDE and MicroPython, you can enjoy this little beauty whether you’re an Arduino or Raspberry Pi user at heart.

And finally, what may just be the best aspect about this awesome little M5Stick-V is that the M5Stack brand has built an entire community of Makers who are all dedicated to building, improving, refining and helping each other with all kinds of different projects. And with such a big community and so much hard effort poured into the brand and the products being produce, you can rest assured that there is a metaphorical mountain-load of resources available, which can be found just below. This means that you can rest assured in knowing that you will have not only our support, but the support of the manufacturers and everyone else involved, ensuring that whatever project you choose to take on, you’ll be able to work through it with help and assistance from all angles.


Additional Resources:

  • To begin your adventures, it’s always a good idea to see what others have already built, which is what makes this M5Stack Project Hub a great place to sink your teeth into when first starting.
  • After getting a taste of the amazing projects you can expect to enjoy in the link above, the next step is to check out this Getting Started with M5Stick-V Tutorial on Hackster.io, which will lead you through first steps or installation, setup and programming your new AI Camera Module.
  • After you’ve got your M5Stick-V up and running, and have uploaded an example code to see how it all works, it’s a good idea to then check out the M5Stack Community Hub, to acquaint yourself with some of the people, topics and projects that Makers around the globe are pursuing. And don’t be scared to get involved, as they all seem very friendly and eager to welcome newcomers into the culture.
  • And finally, this M5Stack Documentation Hub is a great place to find out more information about all of M5Stack’s great products, and get insights into precisely what makes them tick and how they actually perform all of their complex functions – With this M5Stack Related Documents Hub complementing the primary collection quite well.


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