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Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit - "Plug-and-AI" Camera Kit



The Horned Sungem Plug-and-AI Kit makes machine learning & AI development easy, eliminating the need for deep learning frameworks & complex libraries.

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If you’ve always had dreams of working with AI and creating your own smart Robotics, but have always found the many different AI development kits to be overwhelming and unnecessarily difficult to learn without prior training or experience, then we hope you’re going to be as excited as we are when you see the awesome Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit.

This fantastic kit is designed to be a “Plug-and-AI” Kit that almost anyone can pick up and start building neural networks with, and has been equipped with the Intel Movidius MA245X so as to greatly reduce user dependencies on deep learning frameworks and complex libraries. This makes it ultra-easy to design your own neural networks, allowing you to create a little robot buddy that can play fetch with a ball, a camera that controls access into your home via facial recognition, or even a drone that follows butterflies around and tracks their patterns throughout your garden.

The Horned Sungem AI Vision Camera Kit is an incredibly neat module compared to many other camera modules, and is a self-contained unit that includes the camera, a neural networking IC module, as well as a durable and tidy enclosure to keep it safe from light damage. These features make it not only easy to use for hobbyists and tinkerers, but also quite robust in its use cases, allowing newbies to AI (like us) to try out AI development and machine learning – but without having to study for years or develop our own frameworks and libraries before we can begin.


What Makes the Horned Sungem Ai Kit a Great Choice for Hobbyists?

While there are certainly a good amount of alternatives on the market, like the UP Squared, the AIY and the AI Vision kits, the Horned Sungem has cemented its position rather uniquely, offering a range of cool features that really work well for hobbyists and inexperienced AI-Makers who are eager to dip their toes into the world of Machine Learning. As such, let’s take a look at some of the key differentiating factors, which enticed and convinced us to get the Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit instead of one of the many other options available:

  • Easy Learning Curve – While we all understand the gist of Machine Learning and Neural Networks, it’s no secret that they are extremely complex, and typically require years of training, experience or hard work to get just right. However, the Horned Sungem has been designed to combat these barriers-to-entry that scare many Makers away, and it has been built with the affectionately labelled “Plug-and-AI” standard, so you can simply plug it in and start making basic AI projects almost immediately. This greatly reduces the typical learning curve associated with neural networks and machine learning, allowing Makers like us to jump into the action without even having to study anything beforehand.
  • Open-Source by Design – As many of you awesome Makers will know, we at DIYElectronics love open-source technology, and when given the choice, we will almost always choose open-source rather than proprietary hardware and software. This was another large factor for choosing the Horned Sungem, because when we get new toys to play with, we want to be able to do whatever we like with them, and not just stick to the proprietary applications and use cases. And of course, in addition to more freedom of use, the real benefit of open-source design is that everyone can share their projects, working collectively towards common goals or helping each other in unique applications, developing the knowledgebase as a whole and making it both easier and more efficient for fellow Makers to get involved and add their own value to the community.
  • Multi-Platform Support – When looking at fresh new kits to stock, we make sure to be quite conscious about what kinds of physical and digital systems they support. It’s no use getting an exciting new toy to experiment with, and then finding out that it can only function with an operating system that you’re not comfortable with – or worse, an OS that you don’t have. This was one of the key factors for choosing the Horned Sungem, as it can function on almost all common operating systems aside from Windows. And while some people may be a little disappointed in this, we think it’s the best option, since Windows users can simply create a Linux sandbox environment or virtual machine directly on their computer, while also allowing MacOS, Android and Linux/Ubuntu users to utilise the kit as well. And just in case you were wondering, Yes, this kit does work on Raspbian too, with included support for smaller Raspberry Pi Boards like the Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W too.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption – When considering a system as powerful and capable as the Horned Sungem, many people would expect it to use a lot of power to perform all of the complex calculations and intertwined neural networking algorithms. However, it has actually been designed in an incredibly clever way that dramatically reduces power usage even in full operational mode. And while even we didn’t quite believe it until we tested it for ourselves, the Horned Sungem manages to operate on an incredibly low 3W or less, making it an awesome module for portable AI, with the possibility for installing it on moving little robot buddies, drones, as well as many other types of controllable robotics.
  • Incredibly Affordable – With all of these mind-blowing features in a compact and tidy form factor, it’s easy to assume that the Horned Sungem would cost as much as a full-sized modern computer. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that these little beauties cost even less than LattePanda Single Board Computers! This low price, in conjunction with all of the awesome features listed above, has made the Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit the only practical choice in our eyes, offering an exceptional level of functionality, surprising ease-of-use, and affordability that caters to a hobbyist’s budget.

After taking a serious look at all of the different kits and AI-based development packs on the market, we found that the Horned Sungem was the ideal fit for anyone who is eager to learn more about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but without having to dedicate countless hours just to get started. And while this kit can definitely expand your projects into truly magnificent masterpieces, it also lends itself well to simple trial and error, experimentation, and learning by doing – which is something we absolutely love. Then, after you’ve had a chance at creating exciting projects, you can tear them down and figure out how your projects worked, so you can learn from real-world examples rather than just theory.

Please Note: This awesome AI Kit is extremely complex, so if you would like more information regarding the hardware specifications, examples and tutorials for use, model utilisation and more in-depth detailing about the Convoluted Neural Networks (CNN’s), be sure to visit the Official Horned Sungem User Manual.


The Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Integrated VPU (Vision Processing Unit)

– Intel Movidius MA245X CNN Acceleration Chip                      

  • Integrated Memory

– 512MB

  • Camera Resolution

– 1920x1080 or 640x360

  • Power Consumption

– <3W

  • Data Interface

– USB-C 3.0

  • Power Interface

– Micro USB

  • Camera Interface

– CSI (Ribbon Cable)

  • Neural Network Framework Support

Tensorflow / Caffe / Darknet / etc.

  • Onboard LED Indicators

– Power-On

– Thermal Throttling

– CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) Operation

– Queueing Input

  • AI Modelling Support

– GoogleNet / MobileNet / SSD

– Tiny YoloV1 / Tiny YoloV2 / etc.

  • Weight (Total)

– ±100g

  • Dimensions

– 63 x 33 x 38mm


Typical Applications for The Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit:

With the incredibly diverse and still-growing applications for AI in almost every industry imaginable, we simply can’t cover all of the different potential use-cases that the Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit could be used for. However, after enjoying some research into the AI field and a bit of experimentation and fun with this kit, we found the following projects to be particularly enjoyable to try and build:

  • Equipping a robot with eyes that can not just see, but actually identify and recognise objects, faces, colours, shapes and even complex forms like bicycles or double-decker buses.
  • Building a tracking drone that identifies birds and animals, and then follows them around while tracking their behaviour or movements.
  • Developing a check-in system that utilises facial recognition (and perhaps facial-gesture-passwords) to allow access to your home, office or to your computer as you sit down at your chair.

As a final note, if there’s one drawback to using the Horned Sungem Kit, it’s that it doesn’t yet support Windows operating system. However, even though it doesn’t support Windows, it does support Linux/Ubuntu, Raspbian, Android and MacOS, which means that anyone with a smart phone or a Raspberry Pi Board can still use this kit, and enjoy the awesome in-built capabilities of the Intel Movidius MA245X Myriad X VPU, as well as its integrated frameworks and libraries. And of course, if you really do want to work on a computer before making it portable on a Pi or other Dev’ Platform, you can always simply install a Linux Virtual Server on your computer, which would allow you to technically utilise Windows to program and develop your next (and possibly first) Artificial Intelligence project.


Additional Resources & Existing Projects Involving the Horned Sungem AI Kit:


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Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit - "Plug-and-AI" Camera Kit

Horned Sungem AI Vision Kit - "Plug-and-AI" Camera Kit