USB Type-C Power Supply - 5.1V 3A - Raspberry Pi Original - White - Cover Expand

USB Type-C Power Supply - 5.1V 3A - Raspberry Pi Original - White

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This USB Type-C Power Supply is a Raspberry Pi Original PSU for the Raspberry Pi 4, offering a beefy 5.1V 3A supply for serious computing power.

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With the arrival of the exciting new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB, we’re all quite excited to see just what these powerful new boards can do. However, having a fancy new board is great and all, but without the right power source, even the most impressive board in the world would be rendered somewhat useless. This is why’ve made sure to get Raspberry Pi Original USB Type-C Power Supplies for the Pi 4, which offer 5.1V 3A supply to cater to the high-power requirements that all of the little chips, pins and peripherals need.

These Pi 4 Power Supplies are specially equipped with USB Type-C plugs, which is the new primary power input of the Raspberry Pi 4 boards, and come with a full suite of adapters to cater to Pi Makers in all areas of the world – as well as those who like to take their Pi projects with them as they travel. In terms of aesthetics, these Power Supplies are white with a clean, sleek design. This works well in blending in with modern indoor environments while staying relatively discrete, which means they not only work well in standard living room type settings, but also for demonstrations and exhibitions in which you want the Pi to be the star of the show, and without Pi Peripherals drawing attention away from what you’re trying to share.

If this small but powerful PSU sounds like a great choice for you, but you would like it in black instead, so as to cater to different settings or aesthetic styles, we have also made sure to stock both these, as well as Black Raspberry Pi Original Type-C PSU’s too, so you can choose the colour that perfectly matches your project, the setting in which your project is presented, or just your personal style as a Maker.


Raspberry Pi Original USB Type-C Power Supply  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 100 to 240V AC | 50/60Hz                                                    

  • Output Voltage

– 5.1V DC

  • Output Current

– 3A

  • Connector

– USB Type-C

  • Power Rating

– 15.3W

  • Cable Length

– 150cm

  • Energy Efficiency Level

– 81% Minimum

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB / 4GB / 1GB

  • Colour Theme

– White

  • Dimensions (Adapter including Pins)

– 45 x 45 x 64mm


Typical Applications for the Raspberry Pi Original USB Type-C Power Supply:

Although we’ve sourced and stocked this small but powerful PSU specifically for the exciting new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB, the choice of how you want to use this PSU is completely up to you, and you can choose to power other boards and peripherals just as easily. However, the one differentiating factor between this PSU and other common Power Supplies is that it features a USB Type-C plug, which is a relatively new power/data interface, and may not be compatible with boards, modules and other components that still utilise Micro USB or Mini USB. Just be sure to check the power requirements of whatever you plan to power with this PSU, and ensure that you don’t use it for high-power boards or peripherals requiring more than 3A to operate efficiently.


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USB Type-C Power Supply - 5.1V 3A - Raspberry Pi Original - White

USB Type-C Power Supply - 5.1V 3A - Raspberry Pi Original - White

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation also takes their initiative a step further by building accessories like cameras, control interfaces and other products that can be seamlessly integrated into projects, made with high quality components but without the unnecessary frills that many brands choose to add on for “extra value”. This “no frills” approach makes their products more affordable while catering to consumers throughout the world, regardless of their financial condition. In doing so, people in almost any situation can use these products to improve their lives, better the world around them, and help develop both their local communities, as well as online communities of Makers.

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