Heated Bed Expansion MOSFET Power Module Expand

Heated Bed Expansion MOSFET Power Module



This MOSFET Power Module is a Heatbed Expansion for isolating the main controller board and allowing for multiple different power ratings within the system.

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This Heatbed Expansion MOSFET Power Module is a small module designed as an alternative to large transistors, and provides opto-isolation between the main control board and the components like the heatbed or extruder system within a 3D Printer. This is important not only for user safety, as it protects the user from the high currents running through certain components, but also for component safety as the differing power ratings are kept isolated from other circuits.

In addition to isolating the user-operated circuit from the high current circuit, this module allows for multiple differing power ratings to be used within the machine. This enables the use of a 24V heatbed even if the main board can only supply a voltage of 12V, as the module provides the power to the components rather than the main board. This module also makes printing in Exotic Filaments far easier, since they usually require higher temperatures and hotter Heatbeds – which consequently results in higher power rating needs.

Please note that the input, output and control voltage of this module are all designed for 12V to 24V DC.


Heated Bed Expansion MOSFET Power Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Max Current

– 25A

  • Input Voltage (PSU Supply)

– 12 to 24V DC                  

  • Output Voltage (Heated Bed)

– 12 to 24V DC

  • Control Voltage (Signal)

– 12 to 24V DC

  • Weight

– ±40g

  • Dimensions

– 60 x 50mm


Typical Applications for the Heatbed Expansion MOSFET Power Module:

The Heatbed Expansion MOSFET Power Module is an excellent investment for anyone looking to upgrade their 3D Printers, as it means you don’t have to upgrade the entire system just to provide enough power to power-hungry components. Instead, you can invest in high-consumption components and use the MOSFET module as a middle-man to provide the power. This also results in reduced wear and tear for the mainboard, as it no longer has to provide power for the entire system, and can instead simply power itself while leaving other components in the hands of the module.

And finally, this module, despite being stocked primarily as a heated bed expansion module, can actually be used for almost any other application, as the standardised input, output and control voltages can all be used for a wide range of other Electronics applications as well.


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Heated Bed Expansion MOSFET Power Module

Heated Bed Expansion MOSFET Power Module