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SunLu High Temperature Resin – Clear 1 Litre

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For mechanical applications and high-detailed parts, this 1L bottle of Clear Sunlu High Temperature Resin gives you striking beauty and strength.

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Hardcore Makers will know that 3D resins are not always the hardiest materials for truly mechanical functions, but what if they could come close? 3D Printing continues to impress at every turn, growing with each new resin mix and printer technology that comes out. 3D Resin Printers have turned out functional pieces for multitudes of fields from medical to industrial advancements. SunLu High Temperature Resin jumps into the action. Print impressive temperature resistant models that withstands the ultimate tests while producing crazy intricate details.

High Temperature Resin has marked its place in the history books of functional 3D resin printing. SunLu has gone beyond SunLu’s ABS-Like Resinand even Tough Resin to bring us something that outlasts them both. This 1L bottle of Clear High Temperature Resin creates models that can withstand up to 180°C without melting or deforming. Perfect for surviving the harsh weather or other project forces in your high temperature projects. This specialised resin also benefits from properties found in SunLu Tough Resin too with a hardness of 88D and impact resistance. Both industrial pros and hobbyists delight in creating hardcore resistant prints in a wide range of smart to vibrant colours.

But toughness isn’t the only benefit SunLu High Temperature Resin has up its sleeve. Like many SunLu Resins, their High Temperature Resin also features a watery fluidity that greatly benefits the post process with quick washing and curing. Please be careful while pouring the resin and wear your safety gloves. When it’s time to wash your prints, you’ll find most of the excess resin has already drip-dried right off. Also, if any small spill spots hit your work mat, this resin is easier to wipe away due to its watery nature, making it one of the safer resins to use. Low shrinkage and high precision also result in models with clear accurate details. SunLu High Temperature resin supports printing with up to 8K resolution on your LCD Printer. With its molding performance similar to ABS, you’ll get better performance when printing your structural parts.


SunLu High Temperature Resin – Technical Specifications:

  • Brand                                                                             

– SunLu

  • Resin Type

High Temperature Resin

  • Colour

– Clear 

  • Volume

– 1L

  • Curing Wavelength

– 395 to 405nm

  • Solidification Time (Bottom Layer)

– 20 to 80 Sec (Colour Screen) | 10 to 60sec (Black&White Screen)

  • Solidification Time (Normal Layer)

– 10 to 20 Sec (Colour Screen) | 3 to 5sec (Black&White Screen)

  • Lifting Distance (mm)

– 6 to 10

  • Lifting Speed (mm/min)

– 60 to 120

  • Solid Density(g/cm3)

– 1.24 to 1.30

  • Liquid Density (g/cm3)

– 1.14 to 1.20

  • Viscosity (MPa)

– 350 to 550 @ 25°C

  • Expected Shrinkage (%)

– 7 to 9

  • Flexural Strength (MPa)

– 54

  • Flexural Modulus (MPa)

– 2057

  • Tensile Strength (MPa)

– 43

  • Elongation at Break (%)

– 8

  • Hardness (Shore D)

– 86 to 90

  • Notched Impact Strength (J/m)

– 48

  • Ideal Storage Temperature (°C)

– 15 to 35

  • Resin Container

– Light Proof Bottle with Leak Proof Lid


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SunLu High Temperature Resin – Clear 1 Litre

SunLu High Temperature Resin – Clear 1 Litre

Although it may not be a popular brand here in SA (yet!), many 3D Makers will recognise the name SunLu, as these fantastic 3D Filament Makers have been involved in 3D Printing since as far back as 2013, specialising in affordability & accessibility, but placing a strong focus on R&D & bringing new materials to the market for 3D Makers to enjoy.

From the classic PLA & ABS range through to the more exotic styles like PETG & TPU, as well as what we like to call Semi-Exotics like Marble & Twinkling Filament, SunLu has garnered a lot of experience in the world of 3D Filaments, & have one of the most comprehensive catalogues that the Hobbyist 3D Printing world has ever seen. This gives them a good spot amongst the leaders in 3D Filaments, & while they may not quite match the premium quality of Fillamentum & other high class brands, the affordability & range of options that SunLu offers is simply unbeatable even for the major players.

If you’re looking for a good brand to use for all kinds of different prints & applications, but don’t want to pay a premium, SunLu is the ideal brand that is ready to become your next new favourite. So get out there & start testing out the range that SunLu has to offer! With so many options available & a price that is low enough to simply take a chance with, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give SunLu a chance & test this awesome brand out, to see if it’s a good fit for your 3D Printing fun.