NEMA 34 85BYGH450C-012 Expand

NEMA 34 Stepper Motor (6A , 12 Nm , 151mm)



A Nema 34 Bipolar Stepper motor able to deliver 12 Nm of torque at a rated current draw of 6A. Suitable for CNC milling machines and other large CNC projects.

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This beast of a stepper motor is suitable for industrial CNC applications, movie/production camera dolly applications, or any other projects requiring mega torque with precision accuracy and control. WIth a holding torque of up to 12Nm this stepper motor will not leave you unsatisfied!

Technical Specifications


Manufacturer Part Number:

- 85BYGH450C-060

Motor Type:

- Bipolar Stepper

Step Angle: 

- 1.8°

Holding Torque:

- 12.0Nm (

Rated Voltage / Phase:

- 3.6A

Rated Current / Phase:

- 6.0A

Resistance / Phase:

- 0.6ohms +-10%

Inductance / Phase:

- 8mH +-20%(1KHz)

Rotor Inertia:

- 4000 (^2)

Detent Torque:




Frame Size: 85.8x85.8mm
Body Length: 151mm
Shaft Diameter: 14mm
Shaft Length: 37mm
Number of Leads: 4
Lead Length: 300mm
Connector Type: none
Weight: 5 Kg

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NEMA 34 Stepper Motor (6A , 12 Nm , 151mm)

NEMA 34 Stepper Motor (6A , 12 Nm , 151mm)