Neodymium N38 Magnets, 5-Pack, Disk, 8x2mm Expand

Neodymium N38 Magnets - Disk, 8x2mm



Strong N38 Grade Neodymium Magnets in standard Disk shape with 8mm diameter and 2mm thickness.

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Magnets, often referred to (by our writer) as magical materials that move metals, are quite amazing materials that are used in a surprising number of different appliances and devices that you probably have in your own home. In fact, magnets often appear in even the most mundane electrical and Electronics devices and appliances, as well as for mechanical applications like cupboard doors and cutlery holders.

These magnets are N38 Neodymium Magnets, and are Disk-shaped with 8mm diameter and 2mm thickness, sold in packs of 5 to ensure double the magnet fun. The N38 rating means that, while these are still some of the strongest magnets available to hobbyists, there are still even higher ratings up to N52 that are even stronger in terms of Residual Flux Density (Br) and Max Energy Product (BH) Max. However, despite these fancy scientific terms, all you need to know that these Magnets offers an impressive level of holding power, with a temperature resistance of up to 80°C, making it a great choice for most magnet applications.

Please Note: These magnets are priced individually but sold in minimum quantities of 5. This is done to reduce the overall cost for you, while making it easy to estimate exact pricings for each project.


Neodymium N38 Disk Magnets  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Magnet Composition

– Neodymium N38 (Nickel Plated)

  • Magnet Strength

– N38

  • Minimum Order Quantity

– 5

  • Magnet Shape

– Disk

  • Magnet Diameter

– 8mm

  • Magnet Thickness

– 2mm


Typical Applications for Neodymium N38 Disk Magnets:

Because of the moderate diameter and thin width of these magnets, they are an excellent choice for doors and lids on enclosures, cupboards or toolboxes. Their discretely thin 2mm thickness also lends itself well to installing these magnets behind thin wood, plastics and other materials too, so as to make magnetic walls that can hold your Hand Tools, clothes or any other relatively lightweight goodies without the need for shelf space.

In fact, we like to use them in our workshops for our lightweight tools like pliers and screwdrivers, while in the offices we use them for key-holders and product photography mounting points. This clearly demonstrates the never-ending number use cases for powerful magnets, and is one of the key reasons why we love magnets so very much.


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Neodymium N38 Magnets - Disk, 8x2mm

Neodymium N38 Magnets - Disk, 8x2mm