Copper Foil Tape 5mm 30meters Expand

Copper Foil Tape 5mm 30meters



This roll of Copper Foil Tape is 5mm wide and 30 meters long, and is ideal for EMI shielding as well as some other interesting uses in electronics.

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These 30m rolls of 5mm wide Copper Foil Tape are fantastic additions to any Electronics enthusiast’s toolbox, and have a surprising amount of different applications – with one or two use cases even involving plant care. Within electronics, however, this copper tape can be used for protecting circuits and Electronics Components from electromagnetic waves, as well as building open circuits and creating copper windings to produce electromagnetic waves.

These rolls of copper tape are 5mm wide, but come in long lengths of 30 meters, meaning each roll has an ample amount of tape for whatever purpose you need it for. Whether you are wrapping your sensitive project to maintain highly accurate readings, or are building a heating floor system with open circuits beneath the tiles, these rolls of copper foil tape are a valuable investment – especially at such a low price.


Copper Foil Tape  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Tape Length

– 5m                                             

  • Tape Width

– 5mm

  • Primary Material

– ±99% Copper

  • Conductive Sides

– 2


Typical Applications for this 5mm Copper Foil Tape:

While this Copper Foil Tape is primarily designed and stocked as EMI shielding to protect sensitive electronics – as well as users – from harm, it can also be used in a few other ways that many people wouldn’t expect. One of the other common uses for this tape is to build open circuits that are ideal for demonstrating electronics to students or beginners, which can also be changed at will by simply moving the tape and sticking it in different arrangements. One of the less common uses involves using this tape to protect plants from slugs and snails, as it acts as a natural repellent to these types of creatures through light electric shocks and salt-based green platina build-ups.

These are just a few of the common and seemingly strange use cases for copper tape, although there are also a plethora of other ways in which this tape can be used, thanks to the powerful conductive characteristics of copper.


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Copper Foil Tape 5mm 30meters

Copper Foil Tape 5mm 30meters