Kapton Tape 200mm x 33m Expand

Kapton Tape 200mmx33m



33m long rolls of 200mm Kapton Tape for insulation in electronics and 3D printers – Commonly used as an adhesion surface for printing ABS plastics.

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Kapton Tape is truly a marvel in modern science, and is so effective in what it does that it can be found in almost every industry that deals with electronics or heat. From windows of various types for x-ray machines, all the way through to protective coating for solar sails on aircraft, Kapton has made a name for itself as one of the very best Adhesion Aids in terms of heat insulation and resistance – which is why we always make sure to stock rolls of 200mm Kapton Tape in lengths of 33m.

Our rolls of Kapton Tape are most commonly purchased for electronics and 3D Printing, as Kapton Tape can provide not only heat resistance, but electrical insulation too, making it the perfect easy-to-use insulator for a wide range of hobbyist and Maker applications. Kapton Tape shines within 3D printing, as it has two very effective uses. First, it can be wrapped around the heater block to keep the heat packed within the tiny space. Secondly, for some strange yet fantastic reason, ABS Filaments tend to stick very well to Kapton Tape, making it perfect for sticking directly onto Heatbeds.

Remember, however, that Kapton Tape has a relatively quick degradation rate, and generally reaches half-life after about 100 hours under high temperatures. This is why our rolls come in lengths of 33m, to ensure you can simply pull it off and replace it whenever it starts to wear and tear. Additionally, it tends to break down quicker in the presence of seawater, so if you live along the coast it’s important to keep this in mind.


200mm x 33m Kapton Tape Rolls  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length

– 33m

  • Width

– 200mm

  • Max Rated Temperature

– 400°C

  • Min Rated Temperature

– -269°C (4 Kelvin)

  • Chemical Composition

– 4,4'-Oxydiphenylene-Pyromellitimide


Typical Applications for these 33m Rolls of 200mm Kapton Tape:

While our 33m rolls of 200mm wide Kapton Tape are most commonly sought after by our customers for 3D Printers and electronics applications, Kapton Tape has seen extensive usage in almost all major industries throughout the world – since as far back as the Apollo 11 launch.

It is used in medicine for X-ray machines and heat intensive electronics like lasers; within aircraft for electronics components and wiring insulation in both temperature extremes; during electronics manufacturing of electrostatic sensitive and fragile components; and even on spacecraft like the Apollo 11 and the Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Experiment satellite.

So, whether you need to insulate components within an electronics system or you need to control the flow and dissipation of heat, our rolls of Kapton Tape are always a great choice. Additionally, if you are looking for different sized Kapton Tape rolls, we also stock them in sizes ranging from 25mm up to 200, with some of our most popular being the 50mm x 33m rolls, as well as the 30mm x 33m rolls.


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Kapton Tape 200mmx33m

Kapton Tape 200mmx33m