Peltier Plate 20x20mm Expand

Peltier Plate 20x20mm



Solid state semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler – 3.75V 4A Peltier Plate capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures ranging between -30°C to 70°C.

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Peltier Plates are amazing inventions that have two plates, one on either side, which utilise the Peltier effect to draw heat from one plate into the other – causing one plate to get very cold while the other plate gets very hot. This invention actually works so well that it will burn out in literally 2 seconds without a Heat Sink or similar heat dispersion tool. However, with proper cooling like a heat sink and a fan to draw the heat away from the hot plate, the other plate can actually get so cold that it immediately freezes water droplets upon touch.

This is the power of the Peltier Plate 20x20mm, which is essentially a solid state semiconductor cooling device, capable of reaching temperatures far into the negative range given the right conditions. This allows Makers to build their own unique cooling units for large machines or for devices like personal fridges and fans, as these plates can be used to generate very cold temperatures almost instantly – without any moving parts aside from the fans you install.

Just remember, however, that these can burn out in less than 2 seconds without proper heat dispersion, so always ensure that you have a heat sink and Cooling Fans installed before powering it up.


20x20mm Peltier Plate  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 0 to 3.75VDC                                           

  • Operating Current

– 0 to 4A

  • Safe Operating Temperature

– -30°C to 70°C

  • Max Power Consumption

– 7W

  • Dimensions

– 20 x 20 x 4mm


Typical Applications for the Peltier 20x20mm Thermoelectric Cooler:

We sell our 20x20mm Peltier Plates primarily as tools for Makers to utilize in their own personal projects, although some have been used as an alternative to existing cooling devices as well. As such, these plates have been effective in projects like:

  • Replacing a standard Passive CPU Cooler with an Active CPU Cooler – which adapts to the CPU temperatures and actively cools the chip, rather than passively drawing heat away.
  • Building a cooler box for long drives, trips into game reserves and national parks, or simply to place right next to a computer for rapid replenishment while working or gaming.
  • Crafting a custom fan that monitors ambient temperatures and provides cooling or heating as necessary.

These are just a few great ideas involving these fantastic inventions known as Peltier Plates. So if you have any projects that are going to require cooling, consider Thermoelectric Cooling units to provide instant temperatures ranging from as high as 150°C, and as low as -30°C – with a maximum temperature difference between both sides of 68°C.

Type: TEC1-03104


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Peltier Plate 20x20mm

Peltier Plate 20x20mm