PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheet 300x300mm Expand

PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheet 300x300mm - With 3M Tape



These 300x300mm PEI Sheets are pre-applied with 3M Tape, to stick onto the top of a 3D Printer heatbed and improve first-layer adhesion - resulting in substantially better first-layer adhesion and overall printing results.

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3D printing is by no means an exact science, and unfortunately requires a lot of different criteria to be met in order to produce the results that are seen in YouTube videos. However, with that being said, it is certainly a lot easier than it was only five years ago, and there are now a variety of products like these 300x300mm PEI Sheets with 3M Tape pre-applied, which help to improve first-layer adhesion and make it far easier to achieve great 3D Printing results.

These PEI Sheets are made of Polyetherimide, a plastic polymer with impressive abrasive qualities, and are designed to be as thin as possible while still maintaining excellent dimensional rigidity. This creates a build surface that not only offers great adhesive characteristics, but will also keep the original shape without stretching or breaking from minor to moderate forces. This is a far easier method than “ABS Juice” or other Kapton Tape, as it can be easily maintained and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, and is capable of lasting a long time without needing any kinds of replacements or repairs.

As an extra word of caution, it’s important to remember that these PEI sheets are made from a plastic polymer, which means “ABS Juice” or any forms of acetone will damage the sheets and result in reduced printing quality. To clean your PEI sheets effectively without damaging them, use isopropyl alcohol with a clean cloth to rub off any remaining plastic as well as any oils that may have come from your hands. This will keep it in the best possible condition for continuous printing, without negatively affecting any of your future prints on those same sheets.


300x300mm PEI Sheets with 3M Tape  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Safe Temperature Range

– -50° to +198°C                                   

  • Material Grade

– Ultem 1000

  • Indentation Hardness

– 86 Shore D

  • Tensile Strength

– 16500 PSI

  • Thickness

– 0.15mm

  • Adhesive Backing

3M 468P Adhesive Backing

  • Material Colour

– Natural (Light Brown/Yellow)

  • Dimensions

– 300 x 300mm


Typical Applications for these 300x300mm PEI Sheet with 3M Tape:

These 300x300mm PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheets are an excellent choice for improving the adhesion qualities on the build surfaces on 3D Printers, and are primarily stocked to fit the Heatbeds on our Creality CR-10 S printers. However, they can be cut down to size if you have a 3D printer with a smaller printbed, and can either be cut to size before application, or can be trimmed to size once the application is done.

If you are still using Adhesion Aids like ABS Juice, hairspray, painters tape or Kapton tape, but are looking for a better or more permanent solution, these 300x300mm PEI Sheets are not only an effective option, but are also relatively inexpensive for the value that they offer.


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PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheet 300x300mm - With 3M Tape

PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheet 300x300mm - With 3M Tape