Kapton Heater 160mm Round 12V Expand

Kapton Heater 160mm Round 12V



This 160mm Diameter 12V Round Kapton Heater is stocked as an upgrade for the Kossel Delta Linear Plus, for printing ABS and exotic filaments.

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This 160mm diameter 12V Kapton Heater is an inexpensive but highly valuable upgrade for delta-style 3D Printers, and is commonly used to upgrade a standard build platform into a Heated Bed. It is essentially a heating element etched into a highly heat-resistant foil, which is then covered and insulated by Kapton Tape for lasting durability. It operates on 12V DC, and allows you to print in a variety of different 3D Filaments that would typically require a heated build platform.

This heater pad is round with a 160mm diameter, which perfectly caters to the round build platforms of Delta-style printers, although it can also be used for squared build platforms as well. However, just remember that it may not be able to reach the corners of a square or rectangular build platform, although this shouldn’t be a big problem unless you want to start a print from one of these four corners.


160mm Diameter 12V DC Kapton Heater  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Heater Pad Size (mm)

– 160mm Diameter - Round

  • Thickness (mm)

– ±0.25

  • Max Voltage (DC)

– 12V

  • Element Type

– Etched Foil

  • Insulation

– Polyimide Film (Kapton Tape)

  • Adhesive Backing



Typical Applications for the Kapton Heater 160mm Round 12V:

This 12V 160mm Round Kapton Heater Pad is stocked for smaller Delta style printers, but can actually be used for a wide range of different printers. This is because, despite the round shape, the heat should be able to spread quite evenly throughout aluminium build platforms, meaning that it could also be used for squared or rectangular build platforms too. Just remember to check the power rating of the printer that you are looking to upgrade, as it may require a few extra components or an additional module to convert the power to 12V if necessary.

Finally, as always, our Support team is always ready to help you get the most from all of the products we supply, so if you are not sure whether this will work for your 3D printer, simply email our support line and provide us with details on what printer you are looking to use this heater pad on.


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Kapton Heater 160mm Round 12V

Kapton Heater 160mm Round 12V