New BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller for Klipper 3D Printers Expand

BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller for Klipper 3D Printers

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The BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller is built for running Klipper with space for the Raspberry Pi CM4 or BTT CB1, 8 driver slots, and rich expansion ports.

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As builders, suppliers and avid enthusiasts of 3D printers, we enjoy bringing in a new high-tech controller board. These mainboards or motherboards are the core of your printer, the brains behind it all. We always get eager to share awesome new improvements with you, our favourite people, and we’re so excited to tell you all about the very impressive BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller.

BigTreeTech has built this new controller for running Klipper, and it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your 3D printer with this amazing operating system. The BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller offers 8 driver slots, a 32-bit processor, and eliminates messy wiring by saving space for directly installing the Raspberry Pi SM4 or BTT CB1. This fantastic motherboard is the best choice for the Voron V2.4, VzBot, and other printers requiring up to 8 driver slots.

The Key Features of the BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller Board

  • 32-Bit Processor – A powerful ARM Cortex-M0+ chip sits on this motherboard and directs the traffic with 550MHz, which means a stable and fast system you can rely on.
  • Integrated Design Ready for Klipper – The BTT Manta M8P V2.0 Controller board is fully equipped to set up Klipper on your printer and use the popular Linux system. The integrated design leaves space for directly connecting your Raspberry Pi CM4 or BTT CB1 straight onto the board. This greatly reduces annoying wiring issues that get in the way and gives you a confident connection.
  • Ample Ports for All Kinds of Upgrades – The expansion ports on the Manta M8P V2.0 supports various modules, such as BL Touch, LCD screen, auto shutdown, RGB lights, and more. Add all the bits and bobs you love, enhancing your printing experience. However, we must admit that the ports that we’re most interested in are the 8 stepper driver and stepper motor ports, as these directly translate to more control and more motors for your CNC or 3D Printing projects. 

Although we would certainly like to touch on every small feature that this board offers, from the safer eFuse circuit protection all the way through to the awesome reserved Can Bus port on this board, we feel like this could potentially takes days with all of the exciting juicy details. If you’re looking to delve into those details, be sure to check out the user manual in the above downloads tab, and read all the specifications in the table below. The BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller is a fantastic choice for enhancing your printer’s capabilities with the Klipper System.

Please Note: This BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller does not come with the Raspberry Pi CM4 or BTT CB1, but you can buy the Pi CM4 separately from our Raspberry Pi Boards selection.


BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller – Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer                                          

– BigTreeTech

  • MCU Chip

– STM32H723ZET6

  • Processor

– ARM Cortex-M0+ | 32-Bit

  • Frequency

– 550MHz

  • Driver Slots

– 8

  • Fan Ports

– 5 x 2-pin PWM Fan

– 2 x 4-pin PWM Fan

– 1 x SoC Fan

– 1 x Always on Fan

  • Fan Voltage Selection

– 24V | 12V | 5V

  • Heater Cartridge Connector

– 4

  • Thermistor

– 5 x 100K NTC

  • USB

– 1 USB-OTG or UART to USB 3 USB-Host 2.0

  • HDMI

– 2 x Micro HDMI

  • Interfaces

– I2C | SPI | CAN Bus

  • Protections

– eFuse Circuit Protection

  • Extensions

– Support for Filament Runout Sensor, BLTouch, RGB, etc.


Additional Resources:

  • If you want to enjoy more technical details and documentation for the BigtreeTech Manta-M8P Controller, be sure to check out the BigTreeTech Manta-M8P GitHub page.
  • Next up, this is the fantastic BigTreeTech Thingiverse List, which offers awesome STL files for enclosures and other designs that incorporate many of their controller boards, Displays and upgrades into popular 3D Printers, with designs that cater to all kinds of machines, styles and tastes.
  • For another opinion, this informative YouTube video from ModBot reviews the amazing BigTreeTech Manta M8P Controller and gives you a guide for getting started with it. This M8P V2.0 is only slightly different, but the video still offers helpful information:

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BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller for Klipper 3D Printers

BigTreeTech Manta M8P V2.0 Controller for Klipper 3D Printers

As one of the rising stars in the world of 3D Printer Component Research and Development, BigTreeTech have certainly hit the ground running, entering the market in 2015 and spending their early stages primarily learning, researching, testing and developing, before producing some truly impressive results. From simple but effective upgrades to standard parts, all the way through to completely custom parts that no other brand offered at the time, BigTreeTech now have an incredibly diverse range, with almost no area of 3D Printing being left out.

Some of BigTreeTech’s most notable additions to the world of 3D Printing include the SKR Motherboard Range for numerous different 3D Printer models, the awesome TFT Touch Display Range with fancy features like dual-mode operation, as well as their very impressive Stepper Driver Range that cater to all tastes and preferences under the sun. And of course, to top it all off, BigTreeTech also have a sister company named BIQU, and we must admit that they have been producing some pretty impressive (and low price) 3D Printers, with the BIQU B1 possibly becoming a new rival to the Ender 3.

Of course, it’s easy to see that BigTreeTech are modern masters of 3D Printing R&D, and while we do still have a lot of different parts that we want to test out from them, so far we’ve been extremely happy with what they’re capable of producing – all while fitting into same kind of hobbyist budget that they used to operate on as Makers and Tinkerers themselves.