RGB LED Matrix Display 8x8 Expand

RGB LED Matrix Display 8x8



This RGB LED 8x8 Matrix emits red, green and blue light – Capable of being fitted together to make a larger display for scrolling or flashing visuals.

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This 8x8 dot LED display is an array of LEDs set into columns and rows of eight – making a total of 64 total points. The LEDs are capable of shining in red, green and blue light, and can be programmed via Arduino or other more basic controllers to display almost any message or picture that you can imagine – of course while still fitting to the 8x8 matrix.

The same type of technology is used for electronic scrolling signs, often used in game arcades or dark areas, as well as for additional computer peripherals that display CPU temperatures and other bits of information. And while this 8x8 matrix is not necessarily big, it can be set next to other matrixes to create a larger connected matrix. This way, you can build a sign or display that is precisely as big as you need it to be.


8x8 RGB LED Matrix Display  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Display Dot Size                  

– 5mm

  • Colour Range

– Red; Green; Blue

  • Materials

– AlGaINP Red; InGaN Green; InGaN Blue

  • Forward Voltage

– Red: 632nm

– Green: 520nm

– Blue: 468nm

  • Peak Wavelength

– Red: 2.0/2.6V

– Green: 3.2/4.0V

– Blue: 3.2/4.0V

  • Dimensions

– 60mm2


Typical Applications for the RGB LED 8x8 Matrix Display:

Giving thanks to the diversity of this type of display, the RGB LED 8x8 Matrix Display is used for a wide variety of applications. Some of the most useful of these are as follows:

  • Displays for internal temperatures, clock speeds and other bits of information for a computer, displaying scrolling information and flashing when something needs your attention.
  • Connecting up to online Buzz Feeds or news sources to constantly display scrolling information about current happenings within a specific industry.
  • Connecting up with other LED matrix displays to form a large array, opening up even more possibilities for use.

The LED RGB 8x8 Matrix Display is ideal for small projects at home or within your personal office space to make life easier, more convenient and possibly more exciting as well. And at such an affordable price, purchasing many of them to make an array is not an unreasonable idea either.


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RGB LED Matrix Display 8x8

RGB LED Matrix Display 8x8