LED 4x7 Segment Display Module TM1637 Expand

LED 4x7 Segment Display Module TM1637

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This red LED Tube Display offers integrated common-cathode drivers, as well as cascading and chaining capabilities to connect multiple modules together.

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The LED 4x7 Segment Display Module TM1637 is a fully integrated display module, often referred to as an LED Tube Display, designed specifically to show numerical values. The display itself is integrated onto a TM1637 module, allowing for easy and simple installation and control, being capable of attaching to and communicating with microprocessors like an Arduino.

The module comes equipped with integrated serial input/output common cathode drivers and displays numerical values like the time, temperature or other information. Each of the numbers can be set to act individually or together as Large Displays, and if you integrate additional LED Tube Displays they can all act together in a chain or cascade.


4x7 Segment LED Display Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Digits             

– 4

  • Digit LED Colour

– Red

  • Interface Type

– SPI, QSPI, MICROWIRE Serial Interface

  • Maximum Clock

– 10MHz

  • Display Driver

– TM1637

  • Power

– 5V DC

  • PCB Colour

– Blue

  • Dimensions

– 42.15 x 24.56 x 11mm


Typical Applications for the LED 4x7 Segment Display Module:

These 4x7 LED Segment Displays are most commonly used to display numerical values, and as such can actually be utilized for any type of numerical value display, such as the current time, the weight of an object, internal temperatures of machine parts or circuits, or even as a count-down timer for cooking eggs or toast to perfection.

Because of the diverse functionality, the most common practical uses include:

  • Displays for any type of numerical value for a computer or system, such as temperatures, clock speeds, fan RPM or many more values.
  • Timers for devices or appliances that typically don’t have one – so you can ensure perfectly cooked toast or eggs every time.
  • Displaying a freshly-generated code to guests whom you’ve invited to your well-secured and automated home.

The true value of these 4x7 segment displays is only limited by your imagination, so consider where you could possibly add functionality and convenience to your life by installing an easy-to-program display module in your home or personal office space.


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LED 4x7 Segment Display Module TM1637

LED 4x7 Segment Display Module TM1637

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