433MHz Tx/Rx Module Pair Expand

433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver – Tx/Rx Module Pair

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This RF Transmitter & Receiver pair operate around 433MHz for wireless data transfers and remote control applications, perfect for your Arduino projects.

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Radio frequency modules are compact gems that allow you to make any project wireless. Create your own remote control switch or windows by adding a receiver and transmitter to your home IoT devices. These 433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver modules are a pair of limitless potential. Home automation projects are fantastic applications for this Tx/Rx Module Pair.

This Radio Transmitter & Receiver pair is perfectly matched to allow you to control items from a distance up to 500 feet wirelessly. Connect the transmitter to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller and the receiver to whatever you'd like to control. Both the transmitter and receiver are in tune to the same Radio Frequency so that when the transmitter emits a signal, the receiver will hear it wirelessly. Great for easy and simple wireless control! Arduino & Raspberry Pi 2 / B / B+ / A+ Compatible!

433MHz RF Transmitter Module – Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– XD-FST                                          

  • Operating voltage

– 3.5V to 12V

  • Transmitting frequency

– 433MHz

  • Launch distance

– 20 to 200m

  • Operating mode

– AM

  • Transfer rate

– 4KB / S

  • Transmitting power

– 10mW

  • Antenna

– 25cm Solid Core Spiral Wound

  • Pinout (Left to Right)


  • Dimensions

– 19x19mm

433MHz RF Receiver Module – Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– XD-RF-5V

  • Operating voltage

– 5V DC

  • Quiescent Current

– 4MA

  • Receiving frequency

– 433.92MHZ

  • Receiver sensitivity

– -105DB

  • Antenna

– 32cm Solid Core Spiral Wound

  • Pinout (Left to Right)


  • Dimensions

– 30x14x7mm

Additional Resources

If you're first getting started, take a look at these handy articles for a full explanation and guides on how to make your next Arduino project wireless using these RF Transmitter & Receiver modules:

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433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver – Tx/Rx Module Pair

433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver – Tx/Rx Module Pair

iTEAD Intelligent Systems is a Shenzhen-based technology company with multiple products ranges that have already made big changes to the world of automation, relays, wireless communications and much more. This has garnered them the power and capabilities to follow through with their admirable vision of not only producing top quality products, but also reaching out to communities and individuals to help them make their own custom products as well.

With the overarching company goal to “Make Innovation Easier”, iTEAD are consistently looking for more ways to connect with Makers throughout the world, to provide Makers with a platform on which they can turn their great ideas into real, working products that meet international quality standards. In fact, iTEAD are so dedicated to this vision that they are willing to take an idea and help turn it into a working example from scratch, assisting in every part of the process all the way through to mass production and even packaging.

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