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DIY Hand Sanitiser - Alcohol Based



Our specialised DIY Hand Sanitiser is water-free and Alcohol Based, to keep your hands clean and safe from the ever-prevalent COVID-19 virus.

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As Makers, many of us love to get involved and use our hands for creating cool projects, interacting with others, and of course interacting with our projects. However, with the current global climate and the infamous COVID-19 Virus doing its rounds here in SA, we have to start becoming more conscious of how we interact with the world, as well as how hygienic we keep our most important tools – our hands.

With this in mind, we’re happy to introduce our DIY Hand Sanitiser, which is an Alcohol Based water-free cleanser designed to help you stay safe, productive and worry-free even amidst the current contagion that is sweeping the world. This cleaner is designed by an accredited producer and trusted partner of ours, and is stocked so that you don’t have to scour the shelves to look for hand-sanitisers, but instead you can simply grab one from us with any of the purchases you make over the coming few weeks.

In terms of the chemical make-up, this sanitiser is comprised of IPA (or pure alcohol in common-terms) for the germ-killing action, Glycerine so as to help reduce contamination after killing the virus, Triethylamine (or T.E.A for short, but not the drinkable kind) to act as a skin-protectant and moisturiser, as well as Carbopol (or Polyacrylic Acid) to keep all of the other ingredients mixed well and easy to distribute via the container. This results in one of the best (and least skin-irritable) hand-sanitisers on the market, and while it doesn’t have a fancy brand name or complex marketing text to convince you that it’s the “Real Deal”, we have been using it here in our offices all week, and we’ve been quite pleased with the extra layer of security it provides, as well as how it doesn’t dry out our skin or cause any irritations – making it a great tool to boost office and workshop productivity, while keeping employees (and you, our awesome customers) as safe as possible.

Of course, it’s important to realise that, while this hand-sanitiser will help to kill whatever germs are on your hands, it will not provide complete immunity to COVID-19, and as such it’s still imperative that you take the proper precautions, and then simply utilise this sanitiser as an extra safe-guard against germs that happen to get onto your skin.

From all of us here at DIYElectronics, we hope you all keep safe, stay healthy, and continue Making all of the exciting projects you love to make!




DIY Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol Based)  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Alcohol Concentration   

– ≥70%

  • Ingredients

– IPA / Alcohol / C3H8O

– Glycerine / Glycerol / C3H8O3

– Carbopol / Polyacrylic Acid / (C3H4O2)n

– T.E.A / Triethylamine / N(C2C5)3

  • Liquid State

– Gel

  • Liquid Colour

– Lime Green

  • Container Volume

– 50ml

  • Container Type

– Squirt Bottle

  • Container Colour

– Transparent


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