DB-9 (DE-9) D-Sub Female Connector - Board Mount - Cover Expand

DB-9 (DE-9) D-Sub Female Connector - Board Mount



These robust DB-9 (DE-9) D-Sub Female Connectors are Board Mount connectors designed for EMF-resistant, high fidelity multi-signal data transmission.

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When it comes to Connectors & Wiring, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types and form factors that are available to Makers, with each particular style and shape catering to various different applications. However, it’s important to realise that each connector has been designed with specific use cases in mind, and while you may choose to stick with just a few connectors that you’re already comfortable with, there are many alternatives out there that could certainly offer some benefits that you don’t expect.

These DB-9 (DE-9) D-Sub Female Connectors are Board Mount variations of the fantastically secure connections that many of us will remember from the days of CRT Monitors, and are designed to be excellent “all-rounder” cables that are not only robust, but also EMF Shielded, capable of long distances, as well as decent transmission speeds even over long distances. And while these cables and connectors have slowly been replaced with DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and other connectors in modern consumer Electronics, they are still wildly popular in extremely noisy environments such as factories, mills, workshops and other high-EMF zones.

These connectors feature a D-Shaped shield for electromagnetic interference resistance, and this is precisely where they get their name (DB-9) from, with 9 terminals for multi-signal applications between various systems and machines. They are exceptionally good for sensitive equipment and signalling, and this is why they are often still used in Measuring Equipment and audio/video data, in which interference can greatly affect accuracy or fidelity of the data being transmitted. These features make them a great choice despite their age in the industry, and we particularly like them for their EMF shielding, transmission quality, and multi-signal capabilities over reasonably long distances.


D-Sub Board Mount Female Connector  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.                    

– DMR-9S

  • Connector Type

– D-Sub / DB-9 / DE-9

  • No. of Ways

– 9

  • No. of Rows

– 2

  • Pins Per Row

– 5 / 4

  • Rated Voltage

– 250V AC/DC (RMS)

  • Rated Current

– 3A

  • Connector Material

– Brass or Phosphor Bronze

  • Housing Materials

– Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

– Steel

  • Connector Lifespan

– 3000 Connections


Typical Applications for these Board Mount D-Sub Female Connectors:

Although we don’t often see these D-Sub Style Connectors in consumer goods anymore, you may be surprised at just how popular they still are in very noisy environments like factories, warehouses, mills and other industrial locations. This is primarily due to their combination of impressive cable lengths, decent speed at long distances, and their inbuilt shielding against noise and EMF.

However, another reason why they are still very common in these types of settings is because of their compatibility with a lot of the older equipment from previous generations, and since they are still great connectors with good all-round capabilities, there is simply no need to move to the more modern connection styles.


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