20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC without Brake - Cover Expand

20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC without Brake

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This tiny, lightweight and powerful 20A Bidirectional Brushed brakeless ESC is perfect for low-cost RC planes, cars, boats and more.

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RC Vehicles are certainly an awesome hobby, with each type or model offering hours of fun racing, driving, flying , ramping, flipping and oh so much more! However, to build a great quality RC vehicle, you need great quality parts, and this is why we simply can’t help but take the opportunity to grab goodies like the 20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC without Brake whenever a good opportunity arises.

This small but powerful Electronic Speed Controller is designed to offer a heft 20A continuous current, with peak current draws of up to 320A in both forwards and backwards direction. This is more than enough power to really get your RC hobby “off the ground” or “off to a rolling start”, whether you’re eager to build your own plane, drone, off-road rally car, on-road racer or boat. Just remember, however, that this ESC is designed specifically for brushed Motors, with ideal sizes being 260, 370, 380 and 540.

In terms of the physical and electrical features of the 20A Bidirectional ESC, it is capable of operating on anywhere between 4.8V and 8.4V DC, which is perfect for 2S Lithium Battery Packs, and has a nice fat heatsink built right onto the top of the board. This of course has been designed with minimal weight in mind, and as such the entire unit weighs as little as 30 grams altogether – lending itself well to both ground-based and air-based RC vehicles.


20A Bidirectional Brushed Brakeless ESC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • ESC Type

– Bidirectional Brushed ESC                                   

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8V to 8.4V DC (Lithium Battery 2S)

  • Continuous Current

– 20A

  • Peak Current (Instantaneous)

– 320A Forwards & Backwards

  • Output Line (Power & Motor)

– 16AWG-100mm

  • Power Connector

– XT60 Banana Plug

  • Motor Connector

– 4mm Banana Plug

  • Control Signal Method


  • Motor Compatibility

– Brushed: 260 | 370 | 380 | 540

  • Weight

– 30g

  • Dimensions (Inc. Heatsink)

– 42 x 28 x 16mm


Quick Guide to Calibrating the 20A Bidirectional Brakeless ESC:

To calibrate this unit, plug the ESC signal cable into the corresponding channel of the receiver, turn on the power of the remote controller, push the joystick of the corresponding channel to the maximum position, and then turn on the power of ESC. At this point, the indicator light will be blinking, and after a few seconds, the indicator light will flash twice. Finally, turn the joystick to the middle position and wait for the indicator light to flash three times again. This will let you know that the unit is calibrated, and that you are ready to fly/drive/ramp/flip/be awesome with your RC vehicle.


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20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC without Brake

20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC without Brake

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