340pc M3 Stainless Hex Socket Screws and Nuts Kit - Cover Expand

340pc M3 Screws and Nuts Kit

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A complete 340 piece set of Stainless M3 Screws and Nuts Kit with an assortment of sizes to choose from when building your Arduino and CNC projects.

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Nuts and Bolts are like bread and butter to any DIY Tinkerer. No workshop is complete without a few jars filled with screws of every shape and size for a rainy day, and with this M3 Screw and Nuts Kit you will have an organised collection of M3 screws for your Arduino and CNC Projects as well! These classic crosshead screws and nuts are standard fasteners. The M3 thread size is also very standard in most projects involving Arduino boards or electronic components. One of the difficulties of prototyping is knowing what size screws you will need to fix all your components and parts into place as you mash them together in new ways. That's where toolboxes like this 340 piece Screws and Nuts kit comes in handy!

This convenient M3 Screws and Nuts Kit includes various sizes from M3x4 to M3x20 and M3 Nuts to fit all of them into place. Typically, these screws are ideal in maintenance and repairs of small to medium components, since their thread size is common. Threaded holes or through holes are often trilled into component surfaces for fasteners to twist into, securing your project into place. This M3 Screws and Nuts Kit comes in a neat organised box and works great for all your typical Arduino and breadboard style pin connectors and sockets, so you can find the screws you need fast and get back to creating your awesome project!

340pc M3 Screws and Nuts Kit – Parts Included:

  • 160 x M3 Nuts
  • 20 x M3x10 Screws
  • 20 x M3x4 Screws
  • 20 x M3x12 Screws
  • 20 x M3x5 Screws
  • 20 x M3x14 Screws
  • 20 x M3x6 Screws
  • 20 x M3x16 Screws
  • 20 x M3x8 Screws
  • 20 x M3x20 Screws

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340pc M3 Screws and Nuts Kit

340pc M3 Screws and Nuts Kit

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