9V PP3 Carbon Zinc Battery - Cover Expand

9V PP3 Carbon Zinc Battery



It’s always a great idea to have spare 9V PP3 Batteries on hand, for instruments like multimeters, as well as other household & workshop applications.

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With electronics creeping their way into almost all aspects of our lives, it makes sense that we rely quite heavily on Batteries nowadays, from the high capacity batteries in our mobile devices to the more lightweight batteries in our Test Instruments and other handy workshop tools. This is why we strive to keep batteries of all common kinds in stock, so that you never have to go without power for your important tools or devices, with these 9V PP3 Batteries being an important part of that collection.

Although these batteries are quite simple, featuring a 9V DC nominal voltage and 400mAh of capacity, they are quite a vital fuel source for many low-power handheld tools like Multimeters, walkie talkies and smoke detectors. Additionally, what we particularly like about 9V Batteries like these is that they can be used for a good range of microcontrollers like Arduino Boards and oth3er basic modules. And while it may not be able to power an Arduino for too long in continuous use, it’s the perfect tool to have handy for on-site testing and prototyping, before committing to a final design.


9V 400mAh PP3 Battery  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– PKCell                                                                             

  • Battery Series

– PKCell Heavy Duty Series

  • Battery Type/Size

– PP3

  • Nominal Voltage

– 9V DC

  • Electrical Chemistry

– 6F22: Zinc Carbon/Zinc Chloride

  • Terminal Type

– Standard

  • Shelf Life

– 36 Months / 3 Years

  • Weight

– ±50g

  • Dimensions (Including Contacts)

– 17.5 x 26.5 x 58.5mm


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