Kapton Heater 200x200 12v Expand

Kapton Heater 200x200 12V



These 200x200mm Kapton Heaters are an easy and inexpensive upgrade for any 3D printer, that adds heating capabilities to any 3D printing platform.

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This 200x200mm Kapton Heater is an ingenious little invention that can upgrade any 3D Printers with heated bed capabilities. It utilises a 12V etched element, sandwiched between polyimide film, that essentially work the same as oven or toaster elements to rapidly heat up and transfer that heat to the air or connecting materials. It comes with adhesive backing tape that allows it to stick snugly onto Printing Platforms for optimal heat transfer, and can even be improved further with insulation and Kapton Tape to reduce any escaping heat.

These Heater Pads are extremely thin, with a thickness of around 0.25mm comprised of the etched element and both layers of polyimide insulation, and can handle long-term temperatures of around 150°C. This is hotter than necessary for most 3D Printing applications, meaning that you won’t actually have to use these pads at full power, and can carefully control the power input to reach and maintain the precise temperatures you need for the 3D Filament that you’re using.


200x200mm 12V DC Kapton Heater  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Heater Pad Size (mm)

– 200 x 200

  • Thickness (mm)

– ±0.25

  • Max Voltage (DC)

– 12V

  • Power Rating

– 120W

  • Element Type

– Etched Foil

  • Insulation

– Polyimide Film (Kapton Tape)

  • Adhesive Backing



Typical Applications for these 200x200mm 12V DC Kapton Heaters:

These 200 x 200mm Kapton Heater Pads are an excellent option if you are eager to upgrade your 3D printer with a heated build platform. It is simple to install and use, but highly effective for temperatures all the way up to 150°C. This makes it the ideal solution, since most 3D Printer Filaments only require heatbed temperatures of around 80°C. They run at 12V DC to accommodate a wide range of different 3D printer models, and has impressive chemical resistance to help prevent any forms of damage or electrical short circuits.

As an extra note, these are the same kinds of pads that have recently been included in battery-powered heated jackets, pillows and other modernised products. This is because they are flexible, durable against a wide range of damage forms, and are thin enough to fit between layers of textiles.


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Kapton Heater 200x200 12V

Kapton Heater 200x200 12V