Universal Prototyping PCB - 120x180mm Expand

Universal Prototyping PCB - 120x180mm



These 12x18cm Universal Prototyping boards offer a near-excessive number of connection points, including 96 large oval pads on the edges.

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When prototyping and building your own custom electronics, having a customisable PCB that perfectly tends to your connection needs is imperative. And while a Breadboard is a great option for a basic template to design circuits on, a breadboard is not reliable or permanent enough to be used for the end product – especially if you are designing a board that you ultimately want to sell to customers or want to present your project in a clean, professional manner.

This is why we stock this Universal Prototyping PCB, which is 120x180mm and offers a total of 3216 connection points, with 3120 of these being standard through-hole connections, while the remaining 96 are large oval SMD pads on the short ends on either side. This is more than enough connection points for highly complex Electronics projects, and the amount of connection points can also be increased or reduced by adding extra prototyping boards or snapping the board to remove the excess points.

These boards, as well as our small 20x80mm PCB, medium 40x60mm PCB and large 90x150mm PCB boards, are the ideal tools for prototyping custom electronics projects, and are vital if you want to move your project from the Breadboard stage to finished product.


Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Holes

– 48 x 65 (3120 Total)

  • Number of Large Oval SMD Pads

– 24 Per End - Double-Sided (96 Total)

  • Mounting Holes

– 1 on Each Corner (4 Total)

  • Hole Spacing

– 2.54mm

  • Hole Diameter

– ±1.5mm (1mm Holes with 0.5mm Annular Rings)

  • Board Dimensions

– 120 x 180mm


Typical Applications for the Universal Prototyping PCB - 120x180mm:

If you love Prototyping and are eager to take your breadboard projects to the next level, our range of PCBs like the 120x180mm Universal Prototyping PCB is perfect to allow you to do just that. Just be sure to check out our entire range to make sure you’re getting the right PCB for your project, as you may even want to consider getting multiple PCBs of different sizes to work together in order to save space or unnecessary costs on wiring and in other unexpected areas.

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Universal Prototyping PCB - 120x180mm

Universal Prototyping PCB - 120x180mm