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Heat Resistant Silicone Mat



This Silicone Mat is awesome for workshop prototyping and repair, with component bays, compartments, a ruler and even a solder tip cleaning strip.

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Soldering and basic Electronics repair should be skills that everyone has, as they can be truly valuable in our modern world, with electronics becoming ever more common in some of the most unexpected ways – sometimes even in clothing and wearable accessories. However, most people don‘t have the necessary tools to learn to repair or prototype electronics, which is why Tools like this Heat Resistant Silicone Mat are so great, to provide consumers with everything they need to save money, add some customisation to standard (boring) electronics, or even create brand new gadgets that nobody else has!

Some of the key benefits of this cool mat include a range of little component bays to keep your parts safe and secure without falling off your working space, some latchable compartments for semi-permanent storage of fuses and similar small parts, a magnetic screw holding bay to stop those little fellers from running away, a solder iron tip cleaner strip, a ruler, as well as many other minor features. However, despite the plethora of features on this mat, it still offers a neat working space of around 450x300mm, allowing you to enjoy Soldering and electronics work without the stress of burning your desk, losing parts while you work, or possibly losing entire tools to the metaphorical black hole behind the desk.


Heat Resistant Silicone Mat  –  Technical Specifications:

  • Material Composition

– Heat Resistant Silicone                                          

  • Ruler

– Located on Bottom Edge

  • Magnetic Screw Holders

– Located in Multiple Areas

  • Latchable Compartments

– 3 Located on Top Left

  • Precision Screwdriver Holders

– 6 Located on Top Right

  • Magnetic Component Bays

– 9

  • Dimensions

– 450 x 300mm


Typical Applications for Heat Resistant Silicone Mat:

Although this Heat Resistant Silicone Mat is made for electronics and soldering work, specially designed with high resistances to heat and conductivity, it is also great as a general-purpose work mat for hobbies like glass cutting and more. With an almost excessive number of spaces for small parts, latchable compartments to store little bits in, and a permanent ruler along the bottom edge, this mat can be an invaluable tool for almost any type of small-scale hobbyist work.


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Heat Resistant Silicone Mat

Heat Resistant Silicone Mat