XT60 High-Current Female Connector - Board Mount - Cover Expand

XT60 High-Current Female Connector - Board Mount



These awesome XT60 High-Current Female Connectors offer a Board Mount style power delivery at up to 30A Continuous and 60A Burst.

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Within the world of Connectors & Wiring, it’s often difficult to identify precisely what makes certain connectors better or worse than others. However, there are a few connectors in this industry that are the exception to this, which have garnered popularity due to how well they perform for specific applications, and this is precisely the case with XT60 Connectors and high-current power delivery.

These XT60 High-Current Female Connectors are Board Mount variations of the ever-popular XT60 style, and are designed to allow you to deliver high-current power directly to PCB’s, enabling you to power controller boards, robotics platforms and other large Modules or platforms with relative ease and a high level of safety. In fact, these connectors even make it relatively simple to operate major electronics boards from Li-Ion Batteries, and this allows you to take your larger projects out into the wild, having just a few Li-Ion Packs to keep it powered up, swapping out battery packs easily by simply unplugging in the discharged battery and then plugging the fresh battery directly into the board.

In terms of the electrical capabilities, XT60 connectors are rated for an impressive 30A Continuous current, as well as 60A Burst current, and this is precisely why they are so commonly used for extremely high-current applications like RC Vehicles, Drones and other applications needing consistent high current delivery to operate at maximum effect. So, if you have some high-current applications that need effective but very safe power delivery, and would like to have the option of plugging these power solutions directly into controller boards or other PCB’s, these Female and corresponding Male Board Mount XT60 Connectors are one of the best choices in terms of both electrical capabilities as well as safety.


XT60 High-Current Female Board Mount Connector  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.

– XT60PW-F                                                          

  • Connector Type

– XT60

  • Gender

– Female

  • Pin Type

– Spring Pin

  • Rated Voltage

– 500V DC

  • Rated Current (Continuous)

– 30A

  • Rated Current (Burst)

– 60A

  • Recommended Wire Gauge

– 12 AWG

  • Connector Material

– Gold-Plated Brass

  • Housing Material

– Nylon (PA)

  • Connector Lifespan

– 1000 Connections

  • Dimensions

– 18.1 x 15.5 x 8.1mm


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XT60 High-Current Female Connector - Board Mount

XT60 High-Current Female Connector - Board Mount