DuPont Cable M/F – 70cm 3-Pin - Cover Expand

DuPont Cable M/F – 70cm 3-Pin

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These Male-to-Female 3-Pin DuPont Cables come in lengths of 70cm, ideal for use in prototyping, Arduino and DIY projects like 3D Printers.

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Whether you are prototyping or simply experimenting with circuitry, you need your toolkit of connectors and parts. Breadboard jumpers like these Male-to-Female 70cm 3-Pin DuPont Cables are essentials for prototyping new things. These versatile jumpers allow you to effortlessly connect electronics componentsor bypass specific parts of a circuit. Designed for solderless breadboard projects, these cables feature two 3-pin female headers with colour-coded wires in between.

The great thing about jumper wires is you can mix and match DuPoint heads together to create trains of longer cables or adapt a female to male connector for your project needs. Surprisingly adaptable, they can also connect to 4-pin, 6-pin, and other male headers. These Male-to-Female 3-pin cables are 70cm long, with red, green, and black wires, which can be cut, modified, or shortened to create multiple cables if needed or adjusted to a more suitable length.


DuPont Male to Female Cables – Technical Specifications:

  • Cable Length

– 70cm                                                

  • Cable Type

– XH2.54 DuPont

  • Header Type (Both Ends)

– 3-Pin Female to 3-Pin Male

  • Colour Coding

– Black, Red, and Green

  • Maximum Voltage Toleration

– 300V



Typical Applications for Female to Male 3-Pin Cables:

These handy 3-pin female to male connectors are common companions for electronic enthusiasts and tinkerers. Connect components together and build your breadboard prototypes like a boss. Hook up sensors to your favorite microcontroller and embark on an Arduino or Raspberry Pi adventure. These wires are your trusty sidekicks. They effortlessly bridge the gap between various modules, sensors, displays, and more. Reaching for your DuPont cable stash, you create dazzling contraptions that light up, move, and respond to the world around them.

From classrooms to robotics labs, these wires are the electrical lifelines that weave through your circuits. So, grab a handful and keep them in your workstation for the odd tinkering project.

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DuPont Cable M/F – 70cm 3-Pin

DuPont Cable M/F – 70cm 3-Pin

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