0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament - Cover Expand

0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament

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These 0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzles are premium high-quality replacements meant for printing highly abrasive materials without wear and tear.

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While Brass Nozzles are among the most common parts used in 3D Printing for its wide and cost-effective applications, sometimes Makers need a bit more of a tougher material. Hardened Steel Nozzles are excellent for the printing of highly-abrasive 3D Filaments, because they are far more resistant to damage and handle higher printing temperatures. The Phaetus 0.6mm Hardened Stell Nozzle is a premium option with first-class quality which ensures your 3D printer runs smoothly.

Made for a standard E3D V6 size, the Phaetus 0.6mm Hardened Steel Nozzle is widely compatible with many hotends, using a M6 thread diameter. The special processing technology used to create this nozzle ensure that post-treatment results in a fine finished product without burr at the edges of the tip. With a focus on maintaining smoothness, the phaetus team designed its inner hole roughness at lower than Ra0.4 with as little adhesion as possible. All these details mean you are able to enjoy printing your favourite filaments without any trouble. This hardened steel nozzle is capable of printing advanced and exotic 3D filaments, including PEEK, Metal Fill polymers, Carbon Fiber or even Glow in the Dark. So, if you’re looking for an excellent nozzle capable of up to 450°C 3D printing standard and advanced filaments, then look no further than these awesome 0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzles.


0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament - Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– Hardened Steel

  • Input Diameter

– 1.75mm

  • Output Diameter

– 0.6mm 

  • Thread Diameter

– M6

  • Threading Length

– ±6.5mm

  • Max Printing Temperature

– 450°C

  • Hotend Compatibility

– Any E3D V6 Type Hotend

  • Dimensions

– 6mm Diameter | 12.5mm Length

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0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament

0.6mm Phaetus PS Hardened Steel Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament

Phaetus is a brand with an unrelenting focus on creating some of the highest quality 3D printing upgrades and equipment on the market. They have pioneered many fantastic designs that reimagined the hotend as we know it. Resembling the head of a sprinkler, Phaetusingenious Dragon Hotend solved many of the thermal efficiency problems of other models and introduced easy one-handed nozzle interchangeability. But with the wind firmly caught in their sales, Phaetus is not stopping there! 

The company began with a goal to plow into the pain points of 3D industry and come up with innovative solutions. Phaetus established a strong research and development team who are a driving force in their field. The Phaetus brand is, in fact, young in the 3D world with their first hotend showcased in 2019. But that kickoff quickly blazed into a fire as Makers recognized the ingenuity of their design. The company shot into the development of newer high-end hotends that met the needs of DIY enthusiasts and professionals in the 3D industry. The Dragon Hotend expanded into an entire range, and new models like the Dragonfly and Rapido addressed specializations into lightweight and speed. Naturally, Phaetus created nozzles to keep up with the demands of their new demanding inventions. Even dipping into an advanced range of high-temperature 3D Filaments. We are definitely invested to see where Phaetus goes next. 

Hobbyist Makers and industrial professionals alike can fully appreciate all that Phaetus brings to the table. Maintaining a wide compatibility with many 3D printers, Phaetus products are simply stuffed with strength and great mechanical properties on top of ground-breaking designs that innovate 3D technology. If you love the idea of upgrading 3D printers to a premium standard of greater functionality, you will not be disappointed by the excellent quality and fun upgrades that Phaetus has to offer.