New BIQU H2O DDS Extruder – For Water Cooling Expand

BIQU H2O DDS Extruder – For Water Cooling




Optimise your print temperature with the 500°C BIQU H2O Direct Drive Extruder, designed to pair with a BIQU Water Cooling Kit to use the power of water.

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A Veteran Maker’s workshop is the closest thing to your modern-day mad scientist lab, where at least one 3D printer is lovingly modified to its fullest potential. If you enjoy keeping up with new 3D printing innovations as we do, you may have already spotted the interesting concept of water cooling your hotend assembly as a replacement for high-speed fans. The BIQU H2O DDS Extruder offers extreme efficiency for cooling which allows for incredibly high 500°C print temperatures and shows off a stunning aesthetic with near-silent operation with the addition of the BIQU water cooling kit.

The importance of cooling a “hot”end assembly might seem contradictory, but all hotend assemblies in fact contain a cold and a hot end which must maintain balance for the 3D printer to function. The heater block, heat break and nozzle make up the true hotend where your 3D filament is melted and extruded through the nozzle. Without an effective cooling system for the rest of the hotend assembly, heat may travel from this melt zone and affect other parts of your assembly. This is called “heat creep” and may result in your filament melting too early within the assembly, building up and then jamming the extruder entirely. Standard stock 3D printers combat heat creep using cooling fans very well, but these small axial fans can only go so fast and really feel the wear as you kick up the printing temperature past 270°C. Logically, Makers have compensated with stronger fans or even dual fans to maintain this temperature balance. While these solutions are certainly effective, they simply cannot compare to the advantages of water cooling which accommodates printing up to 500°C!

This BIQU H20 Extruder pairs up with the awesome-looking BIQU water cooling kit. The H2O Direct Drive Extruder itself is a highly specialised BIQU H2 Extruder and Hotend, modified with full-metal quality components for smooth high precision printing at high temperatures. This means the BIQU H2O DDS Extruder and water cooling system work together to effectively cool your hotend by pumping in the fresh coolant with no extra weight pressing down the print head, which was a downfall of many other brand designs. The BIQU H2O DDS Extruder really shows its merits when printing advanced and sensitive exotic 3D filaments such as nylon or carbon fibre which require extreme temperatures and care. The result is impressive heat dissipation while operating at a low noise level of 25DB. So, if you are interested in water cooling your 3D printer for high performance worthy of engineer-grade 3D filaments or admittedly enjoy the mad-lab look of bubbling pipes, the BIQU H2O Direct Drive Extruder is one of the most unique and effective printer upgrades we have to offer.

Please Note: This BIQU H20 Extruder does not include the BIQU Water Cooling Kit, which we stock separately for your convenience.


BIQU H2O DDS Extruder - Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Drive Gear Design

– Dual Drive Gear

  • Stepper Motor Support

– Custom NEMA 14 Compact Stepper Motor

  • Extruder Style Support

– Direct Drive / DDS

  • Max Heating Temperature

– 500°C

  • Thermistors

– PT100 & MAX31865

  • 3D Printer Compatibility (Native)



  • 3D Printer Compatibility (Bracket Required)

– Creality Ender 3 (V2)

– Creality Ender 6

– Creality CR-10S Pro

– Creality CR-10 (V2/V3)

  • Filament Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Nozzle

– 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle

  • Extruder Gears

– Dual Gears | 7:1, 7.8mm

  • RGB Light

– Included

  • Quick-release Heatbreak

– Included

  • Dimensions (Extruder)

– 65x58x35mm


Additional Resources:

  • Mat Zolnierczyk at NotEnoughTech upgraded his Ender 3 V2 with the BIQU H2O Extruder and Water Cooling Kit for effective and silent printing. In his Watercooling 3D Printers blogpost and video, he goes into handy detail about his set up and experience.
  • If you prefer a visual guide, the below video is an Official Guide for installing the BIQU H2O Extruder and Water Cooling Kit:

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BIQU H2O DDS Extruder – For Water Cooling

BIQU H2O DDS Extruder – For Water Cooling

Although many people may not quite recognise the name, BIQU is a fantastic brand that originated as BigTreeTech, and began their journey in the 3D Printing world by creating motherboards and other electronics that were made to enhance the functionality, ease of use and overall capabilities of other 3D Printers. However, after gaining a firm popularity as some the leaders in 3D Upgrades, they have also now branched off and created BIQU, a brand dedicated to creating entire 3D Printers for hobbyists like us.

Compared to many of the brands on the market, what we particularly love about BIQU is the way that their models come fully equipped with all of the exciting BigTreeTech controller boards, stepper drivers and other awesome components that are typically installed into other 3D Printers as powerful upgrades. These include the popular SKR motherboards, the BTT TMC Drivers, BTT TFT displays and other minor (but still valuable) upgrades that are often installed on Creality 3D Printers, but since these “upgrades” come stock on BIQU 3D Printers, you can enjoy even more reliable operations and functionality due to the fact that their machines are built specifically with their own boards and components in mind. This has resulted in BIQU creating some of the leading 3D Printers on the market, which don’t need any upgrades or improvements to match the quality of leading brands, and with many of the BIQU models actually surpassing the quality and capabilities of most other Hobbyist 3D Printers on the market.

If you love the idea of upgrading 3D Printers with all kinds of fun and functional upgrades, but aren’t too interested in getting a basic model that you have to actually upgrade yourself, the BIQU range of 3D Printers is the answer, bringing excellent quality coupled with all of the current best features available to 3D Makers.