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SunLu Filadryer S4 – 4 Spool Filament Dryer

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Keep up to 4 spools of filament dry and ready for high-quality 3D prints with the SunLu FilaDryer S4 Filament Drying Box.

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If you’re an avid Maker like us then you likely have a tendency to accumulate 3D filaments in your Maker workshop. We love printing with all sorts of colours and polymer types for our ingenious creations. Whether having fun with PLA or printing serious with Nylon filaments, we always have a dryer on hand for a rainy day. The truth is filaments can get old, and in a similar fashion to how some things go dry and stale, filament can slowly absorb moisture over time and become brittle. This is why it’s always a good idea to dry out filaments if they have been opened for longer than just a week, or just a day with some filament, and that’s what makes a drying box such as fantastic tool. 3D Makers will love being able to keep different polymers and colours dry with the latest high capacity Filadryer from SunLu.

New Features of the SunLu FilaDryer S4:

Able to hold 4 spools of 1kg filament, the SunLu FilaDryer S4 is the latest addition to the SunLu FilaDryer range. While the previous models have been amazing assets for passionate makers the FilaDryer S4 is a big step up. The SunLu FilaDryer S4 includes fantastic new features to help Makers dry even the most stubborn old filaments and get pristine 3D prints every time.

The SunLu FilaDryer S4 features:

  • Large Capacity – Gone are the days of only being able to dry single rolls of filament. The FilaDryer S4 can simultaneously store and dry 4 spools of 1kg filament.
  • Rapid Heating – The new 300W PTC (Positive temperature Coefficient Thermistor) heater is capable of reaching 50°C in just 30 minutes. This is faster and more efficient than previous models.
  • Safety Focused – The FilaDryer S4 features a temperature switch, software protection, real-time temperature monitoring, and alarm prompts when abnormal temperature is detected. 
  • Humidity Regulation Mode – When the temperature in the dryer reaches a set value, it will automatically start drying the filament until it drops to 25%. This means that any humidity that does build up inside the dryer will have less effect on the filament as you do not have to manually initiate the drying process.

Living here in South Africa, it’s nearly impossible to hide from humidity. Fortunately for us, tools like the SunLu FilaDryer S4 save us from throwing away old spools or precariously drying them out in a non-PID-control oven. 3D printing in Nylon, PETG and other highly hygroscopic materials, you may quickly realise they gather moisture surprisingly fast. Even spools of PLA can become affected substantially by slow moisture absorption over time. The SunLu FilaDryer S4 is a must-have for any avid 3D Makers who like to keep a good selection of 3D filaments on hand, and who want to ensure that their prints come out looking great even after months of filaments sitting on the shelf.

Please Note: Filament not included. 

SunLu FilaDryer S4 Filament Drying Box – Technical Specifications:

  • Brand


  • Model

– FilaDryer S4

  • Colour

– Black

  • Internal Temperature Regulation

– 25°C to 70°C

  • Filament Capacity

– 4 x 1kg Spools

  • Heating Element

– PTC with 3 Fans

  • Heating Time

– 30 Mins (25 - 50°C)

– 50 Mins (25 - 70°C)

  • LCD Display

– Touchscreen Interface

  • Spool Size Compatibility

– 210mm Tall/Diameter | 85mm Wide

  • Spool Compatibility

SunLu 1kg / 0.5kg Spools

– CCTREE 1.75mm 1kg Spools

– eSun 1kg / 0.5kg Spools

– Filamentum 750g Spools

– SA Filament 1kg Spools

– Resource for Various Spool Sizes

  • Filament Diameter Compatibility

– 1.75mm | 2.85mm | 3.0mm

  • Compatible Filament Types

– PLA | PLA+ | Wood | PETG

– ABS | | ASA | HIPS

– TPU | PA | PC

  • Features

– Temperature Switch

– Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

– Abnormal Temp. Alarm

– Rapid Heating

– Humidity Regulation Mode

  • Power Rating

– 320W

  • Power Input

– AC 110V~240V 50Hz/60HZ

  • Weight

– 4.8kg

  • Dimensions

– 458x218x312mm


Additional Resources:

  • If you want to see just what the FilaDryer S4 can do, check out this Review Article by Clever Creations, which gives a thorough review of the performance of the FilaDryer S4.

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SunLu Filadryer S4 – 4 Spool Filament Dryer

SunLu Filadryer S4 – 4 Spool Filament Dryer

Although it may not be a popular brand here in SA (yet!), many 3D Makers will recognise the name SunLu, as these fantastic 3D Filament Makers have been involved in 3D Printing since as far back as 2013, specialising in affordability & accessibility, but placing a strong focus on R&D & bringing new materials to the market for 3D Makers to enjoy.

From the classic PLA & ABS range through to the more exotic styles like PETG & TPU, as well as what we like to call Semi-Exotics like Marble & Twinkling Filament, SunLu has garnered a lot of experience in the world of 3D Filaments, & have one of the most comprehensive catalogues that the Hobbyist 3D Printing world has ever seen. This gives them a good spot amongst the leaders in 3D Filaments, & while they may not quite match the premium quality of Fillamentum & other high class brands, the affordability & range of options that SunLu offers is simply unbeatable even for the major players.

If you’re looking for a good brand to use for all kinds of different prints & applications, but don’t want to pay a premium, SunLu is the ideal brand that is ready to become your next new favourite. So get out there & start testing out the range that SunLu has to offer! With so many options available & a price that is low enough to simply take a chance with, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give SunLu a chance & test this awesome brand out, to see if it’s a good fit for your 3D Printing fun.