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TMC2209 V1.0 Stepper Driver - UltraQuiet, Sensorless Feedback



High Current, UltraQuiet Stepper Motors for precise, effective & near-silent stepping in 3D Printing & other linear or rotational motion controls.

Key Features:
1.7A RMS | Step/Dir | UART | StealthChop2 | StallGuard4 | Stall Detection | CoolStep

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With Hobbyist 3D Printing being such a new industry, you may have noticed that a lot of the components, parts and solutions that were introduced in the past weren’t exactly designed for the industry itself, and were somewhat adopted and adapted to suit the new applications that they were being used for. However, this is slowly changing over time, and instead of taking certain parts and adapting them to suit 3D Printing, parts are now being designed specifically with 3D Printing in mind, and stepper motor drivers are part of this collection.

The MKS TMC2209 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver is one such example of awesome components that have been designed with 3D Printing in mind, as it offers a slew of awesome benefits that really take Hobbyist 3D Printing to a new level, featuring not only near-silent operations (which TMC drivers have become famous for), but also for some of the incredible technologies that Trinamic have been able to create and refine.


The Key Features of TMC2209 V1.0 Stepper Motor Drivers:

Now, while you may have already heard of Trinamic Drivers before, and may have even considered getting some already, it can be decipher the jargon and decide which is actually the right fit for what you want from your 3D Printer, but fortunately, we are right here to help you understand some of the jargon that gets thrown about in the world of stepper motors, as well as what kinds of actual benefits you can expect when upgrading to the more modern TMC Stepper Drivers. And with that being said, let’s dive into the key features that differentiate the TMC2209 from other drivers, as well as its various siblings within the same range:

  • UART Interfacing: While many of the Stepper Motor Drivers from the past few years have been quite complex to set up, due to the fact that they weren’t originally designed for 3D Printing, one of the more recent improvements to the industry is in the way we interface with stepper drivers. This is why we’re so eager about the UART Interfacing that these TMC2209 drivers offer, as it allows for far more control than the old Step/Dir method, allowing users to control all of the control lines (EN / DIAG / INDEX / MS1 / MS2 / Analog Current / VRef) via a single line of code. Additionally, UART Interfacing also allows for quick and easy configuration without having to rewire pins, with the actual software being able to define motor current, Microsteps, Chopper Modes and more – all while sitting at your computer or laptop. Additionally, as if the above wasn’t enough, UART Interfacing also greatly reduces current consumption when the motors are in standby mode, helping to extend the lifespan of the motors and save electricity at the same time.
  • StallGuard4: This awesome upgrade from the previous StallGuard2 technology is a BIG improvement, as it is capable of performing all of the same functions of the previous edition (including sensorless homing, stall detection and variable feedback from the motors), but also adds the extra benefit of being able to work in conjunction with StealthChop. This is something that was quite the frustration with the previous StallGuard2, which only worked in conjunction with SpreadCycle, and now Makers have a real option to choose between SpreadCycle and StealthChop, without having to sacrifice all of the cool benefits that StallGuard can offer.
  • StealthChop2: If you already know what the original StealthChop is, and the awesome benefits that it offers, then you will hopefully be just as excited as we are with the new StealthChop2, which is similar to original, but integrates a current pre-regulator to avoid overcompensation of step prediction, while allowing for more torque during acceleration phases. And while this may sound complicated at first, what it translates to is fewer missed steps or overshot steps, as well as a higher level of power even when motors are caught in an odd rotor position. This means more reliability and more predictability for your motors, and of course the awesome near-silent operations that both StealthChop and SpreadCycle are well-known for.


TMC2209 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.

– MKS TMC2209 V1.0                                         

  • Control Interface(s)

– Step/Dir


  • Native Microsteps

– Up to 1/16

  • MicroPlyer Microsteps

– Up to 1/256

  • Logic Voltage (VIO)

– 3V to 5V

  • Motor Supply Voltage (VM)

– 4.75V to 29V

  • Rated Motor Phase Current

– 1.7A RMS | 2.5A Peak

  • Internal Voltage Regulator

– Enabled

  • RDSon

– 0.1Ω  (HV 0.2Ω)

  • TMC Features

– MicroPlyer

– SpreadCycle

– CoolStep

– Stall Detection

– StallGuard4

– StealthChop2

– DcStep

  • Weight

– ±2g

  • Dimensions

– 15 x 20mm


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re looking for more basic information, check out this Trinamic SilentStepStick Drivers Page, where the most popular driver boards are compared against each other, listing some of the cool features that each offers.
  • If you’re struggling to figure out how to install or operate these drivers, or are simply eager to find out more about the ever-awesome Trinamic brand, be sure to check out the Trinamic YouTube Channel, where they feature instructional, informational and also fun videos regarding all of the projects they’re involved in.
  • If you’re at all confused about the complex art of UART Interfacing, we’ve found this UART Serial Driver Control Instructable to be a great help in figuring out the fine details. Just be aware, however, that the tutorial is a bit old, so it’s a good idea to cross-reference information just to be safe.
  • Finally, although the models features on this site aren’t exactly the same as what we have in stock, this FYSETC Stepper Drivers Wiki Page offers a wealth of great information and insight into these TMC2209 stepper drivers, as well as many other popular drivers and breakout boards.


TMC220x_TMC222x - Datasheet

Trinamic TMC22xx Stepper Drivers Datasheet

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9MDMTC2209 - Datasheet

Trinamic TMC2209 Stepper Driver Datasheet

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9MDMTC2209 - Schematic

Trinamic TMC2209 Stepper Driver Schematic

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TMC2209 V1.0 Stepper Driver - UltraQuiet, Sensorless Feedback

TMC2209 V1.0 Stepper Driver - UltraQuiet, Sensorless Feedback