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IOIO Android Interface Board for Arduino



This IOIO Android Interface Board is designed for use with Arduino Boards, allowing you to program code for low-level peripherals like GPIO, PWM and I2C.

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The IOIO Android Interface Board for Arduino is a Development Board designed specifically for use with Android devices, and allows you to code for low-level peripherals like I2C, SPI and UART. The IOIO (affectionately pronounced “yo-yo”) offers a Java-style coding interface, and essentially acts as a bridge or encoder between the PC app and low-level peripherals, while the coding interface is designed to be user friendly and simple to program for anyone with Java knowledge or experience – making it the perfect Android developer’s tool for writing control code.

This model is an improved version of previous designs, and includes the ability to utilise USB On-The-Go features. This allows it to act as both a host and a serial connection, and is capable of automatically detecting and switching to whichever mode is necessary. When plugged into a PC or laptop it presents itself as a virtual serial port, allowing the computer to power the platform and accepting inputs from the computer app. When it's plugged into an Android device, it can actually power and charge the device, while outputting code to apps or programs on the device. Additionally, a USB Bluetooth Dongle can also be connected to make this platform wireless and will show up as a Bluetooth serial connection on your computer.


IOIO Android Interface Board  -  Technical Specifications:

  • OS Compatibility

– Microsoft, Linux and OSX

  • USB Connection

– Micro-USB

  • OTG Capable

– Yes

  • Low-Level Peripheral Coding


  • Coding Language

– Java


Typical Applications for the IOIO Android Interface Board:

If you are a Java programmer who builds apps for Android devices, the IOIO Android Interface Board is a great investment for your developer’s toolkit. It is designed for coding low-level peripherals like PWM, SPI, I2C, ADC, UART and GPIO. And while there are higher versions of this board, we have found that this particular model offers the best value for money – with all of the necessary features like USB OTG and Bluetooth capabilities.


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IOIO Android Interface Board for Arduino

IOIO Android Interface Board for Arduino