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The LattePanda Delta 432 - Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC (Unactivated)

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The LattePanda Delta is a pocket-sized PC with a built-in Leonardo co-processor, offering an exceptional level of functionality and computing power!

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As many of you Makers, Coders and Development Board enthusiasts will already know, the series of LattePanda Boards are certainly nothing to scoff at, and they bring an exceptional level of computing and DIY power to the table. However, as many of you may have noticed, LattePanda Boards typically focus on either high functionality for a low cost, or exceptional functional for a price.

However, with the latest batch of iterations and upgrades, LattePanda have brought in the new LattePanda Delta 432, which is designed to be a blend between all of the best features, offering way-above-average functionality, but without dramatically increasing the cost. This beautiful culmination of great end-user features has made the LattePanda Delta one of the most popular boards in the range, and has opened up  many more opportunities for Makers to get involved with LattePanda, but without breaking the bank – and while still getting more than enough computing power to handle an impressively diverse range of tasks.


What's New with The LattePanda Delta?

When comparing the LattePanda Delta 432 to other boards within the LattePanda range, it’s easy to see that this board is designed to meet the hobbyist budget, while still catering to all of the functionality that a Maker would need. And with this in mind, the key features of the The LattePanda Delta 432 are as follows:

  • The Intel Celeron N4100 Processor, which is relatively new to the CPU industry but has been designed for lower budgets than many of the alternatives on the market.
  • 32GB of eMMC V5.01 memory, which is only half of the memory of the LattePanda Alpha boards, but includes the awesome M.2 M Key and the M.2 E Key for external memory options like NVMe and PCIe SSD.
  • WiFi capabilities that match the LattePanda Alpha, with support for both 2.4G and 5G.
  • The fantastic modern USB Type-C interface, which can of course support Power Delivery, USB 3.0 and high-quality Video Display Capabilities.
  • Support for dual displays simultaneously, which is one less than the AlphaPanda, but double the number of displays of the original LattePanda.
  • Onboard Active Cooling with a built-in fan and heatsink solution, which allows the DeltaPanda to reach its peak performance levels without running into throttling or similar issues.

Of course, we could go on for days about the slight nuances and differences between the various LattePanda Boards, but if you’re looking for more insights, be sure to check out the LattePanda Delta Getting Started Page, where they share a wealth of information pertaining the performance, use cases and other awesome details of the fantastic “DeltaPanda”.

Please Note: This is the same version as the other LattePanda Delta 432 (Win10 Activated) that we stock, but does not include a licensed version of Windows 10. However, the Unactivated version of Windows is free to use as long as you don’t care for personalisation like wallpapers, so this shouldn’t be a problem unless you plan on turning this little beast into a gaming rig or professional workstation.


The LattePanda Delta 432  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Primary CPU

– Intel 8th Gen N4100                                                  

  • CPU Clock Frequency

– 1.1 to 2.4GHz

  • Integrated Co-Processor

– Arduino Leonardo

  • Integrated Graphics Processing

– Intel UHD Graphics 600

  • Integrated GPU Frequency

– 200 to 700MHz

  • Video Output Ports

– HDMI Output

– Type-C DP Port

– Extendable eDP Touch Display Port

  • RAM


  • eMMC Memory

– 32GB eMMC V5.0l

  • Networking Capabilities

– Gigabyte Ethernet

  • Wireless Connectivity

– WIFI 802.11 AC, 2.4G & 5G

– Dual Band Bluetooth 5.0

  • USB Ports

– 1 x USB Type-C

– 3 x USB 3.0 Type A

  • Included Operating System(s)

– Windows 10 (Unactivated)

– Linux Ubuntu

  • Power Requirements

– 12V @ 2.5A (7.4V to 15V Input)

  • Dimensions (Board)

– 130 x 90 x 14mm


Typical Applications for The LattePanda Delta 432:

If you’ve always been a big fan of Development Platforms, and love the amazing things that you can do with Raspberry, Pi, Arduino and the many other options available, then you will surely be able to find more than just a few amazing uses for the LattePanda Delta. Featuring more than enough functionality for almost any basic to moderate project you can think of, and coupled with an awesome Arduino Leonardo (ATMega32U4) Co-Processor, the possibilities for the LattePanda Delta are nearly unlimited.


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re looking for a solid comparison between the LattePanda Delta 432 and the super-powered LattePanda Alpha 800s, this LattePanda Delta/Alpha Comparison offers some great details about precisely what is better, worse or just generally different between the LattePanda Alpha and the LattePanda Delta
  • Just in case you missed it further up in the description, this is the LattePanda Delta 432 Getting Started Page, which offers all of the details you need to get started, as well as some extra insights not mentioned in this description.
  • After brushing up on your “Getting Started” knowledge, it’s also a good idea to see what other users have to say about these boards by visiting the Official LattePanda Forums, where users talk about all things LattePanda, including current projects, past mistakes and helpful insights for common and uncommon problems.
  • Finally, this is the official LattePanda Documentation GitHub Page, which has great information on all of the different models, as well as user-uploaded documentation, examples and tutorials to learn from.


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The LattePanda Delta 432 - Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC (Unactivated)

The LattePanda Delta 432 - Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC (Unactivated)

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