The LattePanda Alpha 864s – Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC - Win10 Pro Activated - Cover Expand

The LattePanda Alpha 864s – Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC - Win10 Pro Activated

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The LattePanda Alpha 864s is the Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC, offering the power of a PC, with Arduino development co-processing capabilities.

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Over the past few years, LattePanda has become a well-known name in the mini PC market, as they have been continuously improving on their product range in regards to not just an increased number of single board computers, but also peripheral packs and sensor kits to complement them as well. However, LattePanda’s most recent range of mini PCs is designed to impress, and builds upon previous models by offering even better performance, integrated thermal and electrical protection features, and onboard active cooling solutions – while still maintaining an impressively affordable price.

The LattePanda Alpha 864s, often referred to as the “AlphaPanda” due to its position at the top of the “Panda Food Chain”, is one such board from the most recent LattePanda range, and while it is certainly beautiful to look at, don’t let that fool you, as the specifications of this single board computer can rival many laptops and even full-sized computers too. What makes the Alpha a truly remarkable board, however, is its versatility, and it features an integrated Arduino Leonardo co-processor, allowing Makers to not only enjoy a beefy pocket-sized computer, but also Arduino Electronics, coding and development as well, enabling you to build and control robots, sensors, modules and a plethora of other handy, helpful or just plain fun electronics for projects.

When looking at the many different specifications of these boards, we see that there are a lot of the same awesome features from previous LattePanda Boards, with a nice list of improvements to add more processing power and bring it closer to the specifications of a full-sized computer. These improvements include:

  • A New Intel 8th Gen CPU with integrated Intel HD Graphics 615, which beats even the newer MacBook Pro CPU’s in terms of benchmarking performance, and almost rivals the Alienware 13R2 i7-6500U Processor.
  • 64GB of eMMC V5.01 memory, which has been designed to double the interface speed to a whopping 400MB/s compared to the previous generation 200MB/s.
  • Improved WiFi functionality with support for both 2.4G and 5G.
  • A Modern Type-C interface that supports PD, USB 3.0 and video display capabilities via DP.
  • The ability to operate three displays simultaneously by using the HDMI, Type-C, and eDP ports for various kinds of displays at the same time.
  • Onboard Active Cooling to keep the Panda cool under pressure, resulting in better performance over extended use, while keeping it safe from potential thermal damage.

These are the improvements over previous versions that we think really stand out from the rest, but if you want a more insightful look into the many minor improvements and upgrades, be sure to check out the original LattePanda Product Page, where they share a wealth of information pertaining the performance, use cases and other awesome details of the fantastic “AlphaPanda” 864s.

If you want a cutting edge Mini PC that offers dual functionality to cater to all of your Maker desires, then the LattePanda Alpha 864s – Ultimate Windows / Linux Mini PC – is without a doubt the ideal board for you!

Please Note: This is the same version as the other LattePanda Alpha 864S that we stock, but includes a fully licenced and activated version of Windows 10 Pro.


The LattePanda Alpha 864s (Activated)  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Primary CPU

– Intel 8th Gen m3-8100y

  • CPU Clock Frequency

– 1.1 to 3.4GHz

  • Integrated Co-Processor

– Arduino Leonardo

  • Integrated Graphics Processing

– Intel HD Graphics

  • Integrated GPU Frequency

– 300 to 900MHz

  • Video Output Ports

– HDMI Output

– Type-C DP Port

– Extendable eDP Touch Display Port

  • RAM


  • eMMC  Memory

– 64GB eMMC V5.01

  • Networking Capabilities

– Gigabyte Ethernet

  • Wireless Connectivity

– WIFI 802.11 AC, 2.4G & 5G

– Dual Band Bluetooth 4.2

  • USB Ports

– 1 x USB Type-C | 3 x USB 3.0 Type A

  • Included Operating System(s)

– Windows 10 Pro Activated / Linux Ubuntu

  • Power Requirements

– 12V DC @ 3A (10V to 15V Input)

  • Dimensions

– 115 x 78 x 14mm


Typical Applications for The LattePanda Alpha 864s:

In terms of the diverse functionality of the “AlphaPanda” 864s, you can use this little beast of a board as discrete media PC, or as you coding machine due to the high focus on Arduino and electronics development. Additionally, if the integrated Intel HD 615 graphics is not quite up to the level that you need,  you can also pair the Alpha up with an external graphics card to create a tiny computer that can be used for gaming, design work or even for high definition HD video streaming.

With all of these incredible features, dual processors for even more diverse functionality, and fantastic support from passionate engineers who love to take single board pc’s to the next level, it’s easy to see why LattePanda has been garnering a worldwide following in the industry of Single Board Computers.


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