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The LattePanda Peripherals Kit offers everything you need to get started with your LattePanda, with a PSU, cables, connectors and cooling – all in one kit.

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If you’ve decided to enhance your life by investing in the power of a LattePanda, but haven’t yet gotten a power supply, interfacing tools or additional parts to operate it, the LattePanda Peripherals Kit is an excellent package that offers everything you need!

This kit offers a wall-adapter PSU rated at 5V 2.5A to give your favourite little Panda more than enough power to run at full speeds, a double-sided USB A to micro cable for connecting the Panda to the PSU, a small but effective fan for impressive yet low-noise cooling, four pure-copper heatsinks (with an extra spare) to draw heat away from high-intensity chips and components, a 1m HDMI cable to connect the Panda to a display, and a convenient transparent acrylic case to keep it protected from dust, ESD and potential shorts.

This package includes everything you need to get your LattePanda up and running, and consists of high quality parts that should last even longer than the board itself. These features make this kit a good choice when investing in a LattePanda “Computer for Everything”, as it means you don’t have to search far and wide to find various accessories, and can instead acquire an affordable kit that contains everything you need.


LattePanda Peripherals Kit  -  Kit Contents:

  • Power Adapter                            

– EU Standard: 5V @ 2.5A

  • USB Power/Data Cable

– 1m Long / Double-Sided USB Connector

  • Cooling Fan

– Heatsink Plate / Low Noise / Adhesive Backing

  • Heatsinks

– 5 Pure Copper Heatsinks / Adhesive Backing

  • Protective Enclosure

– Transparent Acrylic / Dust Protection

  • HDMI Video Cable

– 1m Long / Gold-Plated / Moulded EZ-Grips


Handy Tips for Assembling the LattePanda Peripherals Kit:

When assembling the LattePanda Peripherals Kit, there are a few handy insights to keep in mind, as the assembly instructions that come with the kit don’t quite cover all of the necessary steps required. Firstly, to fit the cooling fan properly, you will need to remove the small grated detachable part on the back of the case. This is relatively easy to do, but may require some pliers or a small cutting tool to remove it cleanly. After this, the cooling fan should fit perfectly with a little bit of extra space on each side, with the cable running through the case to the other side where it can be plugged in.

Secondly, we’ve noticed that the placements of the heatsinks is not obvious at first glance, but these can essentially be installed onto all of the flat metal spaces on the board. This includes the WiFi chip on the front of the board, as well as the large flat plate on the back of the board, which doesn’t have the LattePanda logo. These three are better left until after you’ve installed the fan, however, since the fan will have a specific spot that matches the placement on the case. With the fan installed, you can then place two heatsinks directly to the left of the fan, and then place the final one slightly higher up above the fan. These placements will help draw heat away from the main heat-producing components, which will then allow the fan to actively remove the heat by creating airflow within the enclosure.

We hope that this helps you understand and utilise the enclosure to its full potential, to keep your LattePanda board safe and protected from external damage, while keeping all of the components running cool and ready for action.


Please Note: The LattePanda shown in the last two images is not included with this kit, and is just for demonstration purposes to show the fitting of the board within the enclosure.


Additional Resources:

  • If you would like a decent visual demonstration of this case in action, as well as where to place the heatsinks and what you need to do to install the fan, this fantastic LattePanda Accessory Kit Review offers some great insights.


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LattePanda Peripherals Kit

LattePanda Peripherals Kit

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