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RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi

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The RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi offers an ultra-easy solution to long-distance communications, in a convenient Plug ’n’ Play HAT package.

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Raspberry Pi projects are always exciting, and are certainly some of the easier projects for Makers interested in Electronics and Coding due to the vast amount of resources, libraries and other goodies available from other Makers and online communities. However, even the most advanced software can’t always be the solution, and sometimes you may need expanded functionality from Raspberry Pi HATs like this RS485 CAN HAT.

The  RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi is designed to make long-distance communications as easy as possible, with integrated controllers and transceivers that offer RS485 operations via UART and CAN functions via SPI interface, providing half-duplex communication and automatic TX/RX control without needing any extra programming or modifications.

Additionally because this module has been designed in the classic HAT format, it can simply be plugged directly into the top of Raspberry Pi Boards to immediately add extra functionality and long-distance comm’s capabilities to whatever Pi project you’re busy working on.


RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage                   

– 3.3V DC

  • CAN Controller

– Microchip MCP2515

  • CAN Transceiver

– Texas Instruments SN65HVD230

  • RS-485 Transceiver

– Sipex SP3481/SP3485

  • Circuit Protection

– Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor)

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility    

– Raspberry Pi 4B | 3B+ | 3B | 2B

– Raspberry Pi Zero W | Zero | Zero WH

– Raspberry Pi Boards with 40 GPIO Headers

  • Dimensions

– 65 x 30mm


RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi  -  Pin Mapping:

  CAN HAT Pin  

Raspberry Pi Pin

  Pin Description



  3.3V Power Input





P11 / SCLK

  SPI Clock Input


P10 / MOSI

  SPI Data Input



  SPI Data Output


P8 / CE0

  SPI Chip Selection





P15 / RXD

  RS485 UART Receive


P14 / TXD

  RS485 UART Transmit



  RS485 TX/RX Control (Auto by Default)


Typical Applications for the RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi:

Communicating long distances is not always as easy as telephonic companies make it seem, but fortunately you don’t have to worry about the very complex parts, as you can simply get fantastic expansion boards like the RS485 CAN HAT for Raspberry Pi. And rather than having to develop your own long-range Communications protocols or resort to wireless comm’s (which can certainly bring its own level of complexity), this HAT does all of the complicated parts for you. So next time you find yourself limited by the distance at which your Pi needs to send signals, remember that this RS485 HAT offers one of the easiest solutions available.


Additional Resources:


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9RPIHCAN485 - SN65HVD230 Datasheet

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SP3481 - Datasheet

SP3481 Datasheet for 9RPIHCAN485 + 9RPIH2CHRS485

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