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FilaTank Vacuum Sealed Container



The FilaTank is a high-strength vacuum sealable container that keeps filament safe, dry and ready to give great printing results when you need it.

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It’s always a great feeling to walk into your printing room to see a huge selection of exciting 3D Filaments to choose from whenever you want to start a new 3D Printing project. However, the only unfortunate part about keeping a nice selection of filaments on-hand is that filaments don’t last forever, and over time they tend to absorb moisture to the extent that they become brittle and sometimes completely unusable. And while there are certainly ways to counteract the brittleness that filaments develop over time (such as the classic oven-baking trick), you can never really rely on “fixed” filament as much as you could with the quality that they originally offered when you first purchased them.

This is where the amazing benefits of the FilaTank Vacuum Sealed Container come in!

Whilst this container may, to the untrained eye, seem like a regular “Tupperware” or similar type of plastic tub, it has been carefully designed to offer the most convenient and most effective way of getting air out, keeping it out, and ultimately keeping the contents as safe as possible from humidity and other external forces that could cause problems with the beautiful, rugged or otherwise stylised prints that you want to produce. This greatly increases the lifespan of the filaments stored within, enabling you to keep the massive collection of polymers and colours that you’ve always dreamed of – but without ever wasting those favourite filaments that you’ve been keeping aside for special occasions.

Please Note: The FilaTank Vacuum Sealed Container is designed to fit large 1kg filament spools like those from eSUN and CCTREE, although it can also fit smaller spools too. Additionally, the desiccant packs are not included with the container, but can be salvaged from almost any reliable filament container and reused as necessary.


This helpful video demonstrates just how effective this seemingly simple container is, showing the impressive vacuum capabilities as the user lifts the entire container by the lid without it falling – as well as the fun whistle noise that it makes when the user opens up the valve on the top:


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FilaTank Vacuum Sealed Container

FilaTank Vacuum Sealed Container