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The MaKey MaKey Invention Kit is ideal for learning about and experimenting with circuitry and electronics, and utilizes safe High-Resistance-Circuitry.

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The MaKey MaKey Invention Kit is an exciting gadget that utilizes an Arduino Leonardo to make basic circuitry and experimentation accessible to everyone. It utilizes high-resistance-switching to allow users to create circuits with just about anything – from pieces of wood to pencils, or even carbon-pencil drawings on a sheet of paper.

The MaKey MaKey has a total of 18 inputs. Six of these inputs are on the front of the box, and can be connected to almost anything via some included Alligator Clips and can be programmed to specific buttons or keystrokes. The other twelve inputs on the back of the box connect via jumper wires, and are preprogramed to emulate keyboard and mouse controls.

With an Arduino Leonardo as the brain behind this fascinating gadget, the features of the MaKey MaKey all culminate into an exciting package that beginner inventors can experiment with, turning ordinary household items into buttons to play video games or musical instruments, or simply to impress friends with this new and unique electronics experimentation kit.

To understand more about the microcontroller board within the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit, refer to our Arduino Leonardo page, which lists the technical specifications of the board used within.

This product’s unique technical specifications, however, are as follows:


MaKey MaKey Invention Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller

– ATMega32u4                                               

  • Bootloader

– Arduino Leonardo

  • Number of Inputs (Front)

– 6

  • Number of Inputs (Back)

– 12 (6 Keyboard and 6 Mouse)

  • Alligator Clips

– 7 clips for Front Inputs

  • Female Headers

– 12 for Back Inputs

  • Connector Cable

– Mini USB

  • Dimensions

– 1.87” x 3.75” / 9.52cm x 4.76cm


Typical Applications for the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit:

Despite having the appearance of a fun toy that one would buy from a typical toy shop, the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit has allowed for both beginner and veteran inventors, tinkerers and makers to explore the possibilities of converting touch to sound, as well as other sometimes bizarre reactions. For those still learning and eager to test out some basic experiments, simple projects involving the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit include:

  • Turning objects like fruit, flowers, Play-dough  or even people into buttons or musical keys
  • Creating platforms or steps that make various noises when stepped on
  • Building unique controller setups to play computer games in a unique way
  • Sketching your own musical instrument onto paper to play like a piano, harp, set of drums or any other instrument

Of course, the possibilities of the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit are only limited by creativity, and advanced makers have produced truly amazing projects, including:

  • Evolving graphite drawings or art into playable instruments that add depth and sound to beautiful pieces
  • Creating a touch-pad on an acoustic guitar to play base notes, drums or even electric guitar riffs while playing the acoustic strings
  • Integrating touch-sensitivity into clothing, which makes noises when taped or brushed on various parts
  • Building a wood and tinfoil musical instrument, based on almost any instrument imaginable – including a violin, guitar, harp or xylophone

Although many serious makers originally perceived the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit as a beginners-only introduction to electronics, the easy-to-use nature and clever design has truly inspired makers of all skill levels to utilize it for a fantastic array of different projects. So if you or a relative are interested in electronics and circuitry but have never had the chance to learn and experiment – or if you are simply eager to have some fun with this easy-to-use gadget – get one today and step into the world of MaKey MaKey possibilities.


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MaKey MaKey Invention Kit

MaKey MaKey Invention Kit