DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module - Gravity Series - Cover Expand

DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module - Gravity Series

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If you need to measure temperature & humidity for hobbyist projects, these DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensors are great, cost-effective solutions.

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Whenever you’re dealing with living things, temperature and humidity are always two factors that you need to take into consideration, often requiring careful control to keep the living things in precisely the right condition for growth, comfort or predictable behaviour patterns. This, however, also extends into non-living things such as electronics and processing, and that’s why, whether you’re working on a herb garden, an automatic bakery, liquid processing plants or just simple weather stations and other environmental monitoring systems, it’s always handy to have good Sensor Modules like the DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module at hand, so that you can keep track of precise temperature and humidity levels in order to carefully control the environments in which your projects are located.

These DHT22 Temp & Humidity Sensor Module features the classic DHT22 sensor that is used in all kinds of modules and applications due to the great blend of high precision and low cost, with it primarily being designed to be a low-cost alternative to the more expensive SHT10 Temp & Humidity Sensor. It operates on a convenient 5V DC, which makes it a great choice for use with microcontrollers like Arduino Boards, and features quite a wide temperature sensing range of between -40°C and +80°C  complemented with a 0% to 100% RH humidity sensing range. This of course is slightly less capable than the SHT10 series of sensors, but is far less expensive, and is still extremely useful in most Hobbyist Electronics projects. This sensing functionality is quite similar to the DHT11 V2 Temperatures & Humidity Sensor capabilities, but provides a wider sensing range at the expense of slightly reduced humidity sensing accuracy and a set 5V operating voltage.

Of course, we’re quite fortunate as Makers that we can get the exact Sensors, modules and components we need to cater to each of our unique projects, so having the choice between the DHT22, the 3.3V/5V DHT11, as well as the high quality SHT10 sensors is certainly very beneficial for Makers who like to personalise and customise projects to the max, and with a reliable quality DFRobot design and a sleek black and white colour scheme, this board even provides some great aesthetics along with awesome functionality.


DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Max Current Consumption

– 1.5mA

  • Temperature Sensing Range

– -40° to +80°C

  • Temperature Sensing Accuracy

– <0.5°C

  • Humidity Sensing Range

– 0% to 100% RH

  • Humidity Sensing Deviation

– ±2% RH

  • Interface Type

Gravity Series: Digital

  • Included Cables

– 1 x Gravity Series 3-Pin Digital Cable

  • Dimensions

– 38 x 20mm


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DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module - Gravity Series

DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module - Gravity Series

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